Father’s Day In Los Angeles

Image Source: wikimedia.commons

Father’s Day has become the celebration of the men that we cherish in our lives and the people who take on the role as our protector. Be it guiding us through our first heartbreak, teaching us how to ride a bike, making snacks for us, taking our homework, we have a lot that we have to be thankful for to these amazing people. So here are some events in Los Angeles that you should take your Dad to and have a wonderful Father’s Day:

1. Attend the famous Car Show

If your dad loves wheels, then he would definitely love a trip to the Rodeo Drive Concours D'Elegance in Beverly Hills. The event, which takes place on Father’s Day, will host 100 specialty cars on Rodeo Drive. With different themes, you’ll be in for something new and exciting and which your dad will absolutely love! It usually takes place between 9 am to 4 pm every year on Father’s Day and is free of cost. 

2. Have fun at the Autry Museum

You can take your dad to the famous Autry Museum for some well deserved wholesome fun! What’s more is, it is enjoyable for the entire family and there are various guided tours there. Have fun at the Autry Museum which will pan out special tours just for you. Shake a leg with your buddy to some good old country music.

3. Enjoy Trains and BBQs

If your Dad loves vintage trains, take him on a two and a half hour ride on a vintage train ride through Heritage Valley on Fillmore and Western Railway, with an onboard BBQ! The train journey begins in Fillmore and takes place every year on Father’s Day, between 11 AM and 3 PM. 

4. Take your dad to Walt Disney's Barn Museum

Indulge your father’s childish side by taking him to the Walt Disney Barn Museum at Griffith Park. Father's Day coincides with its public open day and which is on the third Sunday of the month. You can visit the gathering of train enthusiasts there from 11 am - 3 pm and do not have to pay an entry fee.

5. Take part in the Pasadena Chalk Festival

If you want to indulge your father’s artistic side, bring him to the Pasadena Chalk festival, where the sidewalk becomes a platform for thousands of budding artists to showcase their work. You will enjoy the splash of colors and your old man will appreciate a cheerful, sunny day along with his appreciation for art. Registrations are to be done in advance and for the first timers, a fee of $35 is levied. It happens annually in June, during Father's Day Weekend from 10 am - 7 pm. And what’s more, if you want to watch, it is free!

6. Enjoy the Races and Buffet at Santa Anita Park

Enjoy a glorious day at Santa Anita Park. A relaxing and laid back Father’s Day for your dad who prefers a laidback celebration of this special day is ideal for your old buddy! You can also treat him to a three course dinner and have some fine whisky at the whisky tasting brunch. Indulge his childish side with a trackside BBQ. 

7. Take Dad for Kart Racing

If your father is an adventure lover, you have got to take him Kart Racing at MB2 Raceway in Sylmar. They have a gorgeous racetrack and there you and your Dad can blow off some steam chasing and racing cars that will instantly throw you back into nostalgia and make you cherish those childhood moments with your hero. 

So if you are in Los Angeles on Father’s Day, you now have a plethora of activities to do with your Dad!


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