Father’s Day in New York City

  • UPDATED Aug 27, 2018
Image Source: wikimedia.commons

Father’s Day has become the celebration of the men that we cherish in our lives and the people who take on the role as our protector. Be it guiding us through our first heartbreak, teaching us how to ride a bike, making snacks for us, taking our homework, we have a lot that we have to be thankful for to these amazing people. So here are some events in New York City that you should take your Dad to and have a wonderful Father’s Day:

1. Father’s Day on the Hudson River

Spend the day with your Father doing a great many activities on the Hudson River. These involve guilt-free beer, a scrumptious buffet, live music and kayak on the Hudson. Bond with your Dad while doing something adventurous. Talk about his day and what he was like in his earlier days. Brew up some nostalgia with that beer! 

2. Father’s Day Glass Workshop

If your dad is a beer lover, there is a new cool thing for you both to do in the city. Spend Father's Day with your father by going to workshops that tech how to make beer-mugs. You'll be taught the craft by experienced glassblowers from Brooklyn Glass. 

3. Manhattan by Sail

If your father wants a relaxed evening or a relaxed day in general, Manhattan by Sail is a great option. The trip starts from Battery Park and takes multiple trips in the day. On these cruises, you can taste different types of beer and wine, listen to soothing jazz or have deep conversations while watching the stars at night. 

4. Head to the Museum of the Moving Images

If your Father loves Adventure and Pop Culture, take him to the Museum of Moving Image and take a Virtual Reality Bike Ride with E.T. This is sure to satiate his adventure craving and what’s more is that this can turn into a yearly tradition for a father and son or Father and daughter duo to indulge in some amazing pop culture and technology. 

Go to the beach, via subway, or for the whole weekend, or down the Shore.

If you want to end the day on a laidback note, why don’t you go down to the beach with your dad for a little bonding time? Watch the waves crash on the shore, walk barefoot n the sandy beach and reminisce about the wonderful day that you had. 

5. Treat him to Brunch at The NoMad

The chic restaurant has a luxurious setting, flawless service and it is one of New York’s fine-dining ranks. Take him to enjoy the delicious cuisine and bond over the eclectic dishes and spend Father’s Day night a great dinner! 

6. Take your main man to Montawk Brewing Company

If your father loves beer and would love to try a bit of good old-fashioned beer, take a weekend trip out to Long Island and go by the Montawk Brewing Company to try out their craft beer with special prices. Bond with your father over some delightful beer and the pristine outdoors.

7. East Village Food and Culture Tour

If your dad is a foodie, take him to the East Village for a food tour that will encompass everything from around the world. Devour on tasty cultural meals at really old places and have beer at the city’s oldest bar. This food tour has everything from South-Asia, Middle East, Russia and Japan.

8. Dad’s Dollar Day at Buffalo Zoo

If your Dad is an animal lover, he would love to go to the Buffalo Zoo with you and spend a wholesome day looking at various animals. On Father's Day at the Buffalo Zoo, dads gain entry for just $1! 

9. Father’s Day Car Show

Take your car-loving dad to Emerson Park in Auburn, which will display an envious variety of automobiles. Admire the antique beauties and technological marvels and give your main man a chance to indulge his car fancy. 

Father’s Day in New York cannot be spent at home, drinking beer because now you have tons of reasons to go outside!