Tips for Travelling to Festivals and Special Events

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018
The vivid Carnevale Di Venezia, the cultural Jaisalmer Desert Festival, the vivacious Rio Carnival, the throbbing Coachella, the pulsating Donauinselfest, the quirky Comic Con, the intoxicating Oktoberfest, captivating matches at Olympics and the gorgeous Budapest Christmas Fair, all have one thing in common- they are some of the most famous festivals and events spread all across the globe. If you are someone who loves the revelry and fun that is synonymous with such large scale events, or if you have always wanted to experience these surreal festivals, we have compiled some useful and helpful tips for travelling to these festivals and special events just for you. Sporting, music, cultural or gastronomic, no matter which event you want to visit, these festival travel tips will come in handy and ensure that you enjoy the celebrations to the fullest.


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Plan your itinerary well in advance:

An essential tip while travelling to festivals and special events, planning your itinerary well in advance will help you with exploring the destination beyond the coveted event. For example, if you intend on attending the Loy Krathong (Yee Peng) festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand and if you plan your trip well, you will also be able to explore the top tourist attractions such as the Elephant Nature Park, the Wat Phra That temple, the Wat Chedi Luang and the Chiang Mai Zoo in the city. Heed our advice and plan your trip using this cool itinerary planner. You can thank us later!

Jot down the information:

A day before the event, try visiting the venue so that you can make a note of all the essential information like where the entrances, the emergency exists, the medical assistance booths and the food vending carts/ stalls are. Also make it a point to know where the bathrooms are located! It will also be good if you save the emergency contact numbers that the venue might have on their website/ hoardings.

Listen to your mom, don’t be talking to strangers!

Meeting new people, mixing with the crowds and ending up making best friends for life- all is good in an ideal world. But, let’s be realistic for a second. Where there are large crowds, there are bound to be pickpockets and thieves, no matter which country you are visiting! You will also come across overfriendly people who might not always have good intentions. Unsuspecting people who have their guards are easy targets. We are not telling you to not be friendly, but please, always be on your guard. Your brain generally sends you warning signals when it suspects something- trust that instinct.  


Image Source: Wikimedia

Do you really need that?

If you are going to stay at the venue itself (many of the festivals set up tents as accommodations), ask yourself if you are going to need all the things that you are tempted to pack. Like, would you really be requiring your laptop or that fancy new diamond ring you recently purchased? Why unnecessarily pack and carry it if you cannot keep an eye on it and if you might not end up using it? Better to leave it at home itself. Remember that you cannot lock the tents so your valuables might get stolen while you are enjoying the festivities. 

Document it:

Most of the festivals and events require you to show your identification proof. This may be for age verification or for any other such reason. If you are travelling abroad for an event, we advise you to keep your passports at your hotel room itself and carry your driving licence or any other such photo identification document instead. In case you misplace this document, atleast you will have your passport to go back home and apply for a new one! If you lose your passport however, you will be stranded on foreign lands for god knows how many days.

Booking accommodations:

Try to book your accommodations as close to the venue as possible. Having said that, if the event is going to take place away from the city, we recommend that you book a centrally located hotel so that once you are done revelling in the festivities and celebrations, you can get back to your hotel and enjoy some local sightseeing there onwards. 


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The more the merrier:

Although there is a certain solace and joy in travelling alone, when it comes to such large scale events, it is better if you travel in a group- be it with friends, colleagues or family members. Be it travelling at night, figuring out the venue details, standing in queues (at the entrance of the venue as well as outside washrooms!), being a part of the hordes of crowds, taking a nap at a cheap motel, visiting pubs and even during local sightseeing-your co-travellers will be of great comfort, company and help. 


Lastly, just sit back and enjoy the show! We are sure you will be having an experience of a lifetime, so let loose and enjoy the ride. Have fun, make merry but remember, keep to the limits and try not to be a nuisance to other revellers! 
All set to enjoy the festivities like a pro?! Here’s wishing you a fabulous time and beautiful memories. Do let us know how your experience was by commenting below.
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