10 Brainy Ways Adopted by Countries To Fight Climate Change

Let’s face it! Climate change is real. We all are responsible for it and we all should take immediate steps to control the damages done to the Earth by the humans. 

As Former U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman quotes
"Global warming is not a conqueror to kneel before, but a challenge to rise to. A challenge, we must rise to!”

Here are 10 awesome ways to flight the climate change:

1. Replace Wooden Coffins With Bio-Degradable Coffins

Image Source: Youtube.com

Wooden coffins means death of a tree! Use a bio-degradable coffin to bury the dead. The Natural Burial Company operating in US and UK offers coffins made out of bio-degradable material.
Probably a good way to say R.I.P.

2. Construct Walls And Fences With Trees And Shrubs

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Break down those barriers! Many commercial buildings and recreational areas are now using shrubs and trees to create partitions between various spaces. It not only adds a green hue to the decor, but also saves a lot of a construction material and water.

For homes, you can create a fence with shrubs or a wall partition using plenty of DIY ideas available online.

3. Dance Your Blues Away And Generate Electricity

Image Source: Shawn Tron/flickr.com

Imagine this; what if you have the opportunity to dance till you are out of your breath on your favourite music and that’ll generate electricity? Yes, the Eco-Nightclub in Central London has specially designed floors that generate electricity as you dance on its dance floor. This electricity drives most of the devices in the night-club!
Now that’s like dancing for a cause!

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4. Human Waste Not Gone Waste

Image Source: Pixabay.com

You won’t even realise that the beautiful artefacts and decorative pieces sold at the Kitengela Glass in Kenya is made out of recycled human and animal faeces.
You might be reluctant to touch it, but that’s an innovative initiative to create wealth from waste!

5. Go Global By Taking Inspirations From Various Religions

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Religions like Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism propagate the spirit of Ahimsa (non-violence) which is certainly one thing we could actually implement in our lives even if don’t follow the religion.
Lesser deforestation, conversion to vegetarianism and a little more affection towards nature will definitely help!

6. Work Out And Create Power

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Green Microgym in Portland, USA offers custom made spin-bikes that generate 200 to 600 watts per hour. You actually create power and not just in your muscles!
Alternatively, you can take it up as a project and design such a bike yourself! Geek Alert!

7. Contribute With Green Credit Cards.

Image Source: Pixabay.com

No, they might come in plenty of colours but they serve for a common cause of Green Earth! These credit cards contribute to various organisations serving for green causes every time you shop. GE, HSBC and Barclays are some of the companies already offering this service and by using a Green Card you contribute your share!

8. Home Gardening With Kitchen Waste

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Every kitchen creates a lot of bio-degradable waste. Be it vegetable peels, fruit seeds or sour milk. And thankfully, you can use it again! Plant an herb garden and use this green waste as manure. Not only will you will eat healthy and organic, but will also help towards the green cause. A win-win situation!

9. Planting A Tree

Image Source: Pixabay.com

It’s never too late to plant a tree! Pick special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, plant a tree! Gift plants and shrubs to each other on Christmas! Nurture the tree, water it every day and it will instantly elevate your mood to observe its growth. Plus, every tree counts!

10. Being Responsible

Image Source: Reuben Whitehouse/flickr.com

This is probably the least you can do and the best! Turn off lights when you are leaving the room, walk for short distances, car pool to save fuel and generate less plastic waste; after all, it’s your home, it’s your earth!

Do you have any more ideas that will help us towards a greener earth? Comment below and let us know!

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