8 Situations Faced by First Time Travellers

By Reshma Dewda on Jan 08, 2019
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You've loved reading about gutsy travelers and their bohemian escapades. You have finally found it in you to take that step and travel by yourself.  No one to plan it with and nothing to stop you, you start planning what promises to be the most epic journey of your life. But wait, watch out for a few common symptoms of the first time traveler:

1. Utter Confusion about destinations

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Now that you have decided to take that plunge and travel on your own, almost every other destination seems to be tempting. Hmm.. Am i an adrenaline junkie or am I the big city types?

2. Over packing

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You've finally decided your destination. You're going to a forest but have ended up packing for a beach too. In short, your suitcase is full of 'what-ifs'.

3. Over enthusiasm

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The tickets are booked and the bag is packed and ready. You feel like the days leading to your holidays are as long as months. Almost every conversation you have in the meanwhile is about your upcoming holiday and how psyched you are about it. Slow down Mr. Bean, take a deep breath!

4. Nervous Breakdowns

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Your excitment gives way to nervousness as the ultimate day comes close. Have you packed enough footwear? Will you have enough snacks in your backpack? What if you are homesick the minute you land in the new city? 

5. Switching between skepticism and over friendliness at a moment’s notice

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In your effort to blend in, you try to be over courteous and friendly with everyone. But really, you are judging each new person as a potential dacoit.

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6. Over estimating your boundaries

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You've always heard about how cool backpackers are. And even though you have stayed in the comforts of your home for most of your life, you see yourself as a backpacker. It's only when you arrive that you realize that you are just not cut out for a few sacrifices. Is there any such thing as a luxury backpacker?!

7. Crazy money management

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You've begun your souvenir shopping since the minute you landed. You've had loads of fancy meals and spent way too much on booze. And just like that, in the middle of your holiday, you find yourself broke. Now, your choice is between selling a kidney or calling your parents to wire some cash to you. Ouch!

8. Feeling like a hero after you return home

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After you're back from your spiritually-awakening, tiring, rib-tickling, challenging, downright crazy holiday,you feel nothing short of a war hero yourself! Where's my medal, y'all?

Tell us about your first solo travel experience!

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