The Largest & Oldest Flea Markets In India

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While online shopping and sumptuous malls get in a tussle to set the trend, it is always the Flea market that wins in the end. Wise Indians have this unique knack getting the best at the least. This nature is so contagious that even our foreign tourists have now picked the trick of having everything and spending almost nothing. Is India really so affordable? Not if you’re constantly staring at the pricey malls or investing in virtual shopping with a click. India has had this eccentric way of setting up petite roadside stalls that would have the same or probably every more than what you’d find in an elite store. The Flea market stands as an apt example of an attractive variety at bargained prices. Here is a list of a few Flea markets in India you should shop at if you need a wardrobe makeover without burning a hole in your pocket.

Flea Market, Goa

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The famous Flea market at Anjuna obviously doesn’t need an introduction. The market compliments the Goan culture and sells plenty of fascinating goods at throwaway prices. Bags, accessories, lingerie, clothes, footwear, sunglasses, and a lot more are all found in vast varieties here. This Flea market however, is only open on Wednesdays. For other days continue Shopping in Goa at the Mapusa's friday market or the saturday night market at Arpora hill or Margao market.

Lakkad Bazaar, Shimla

Image Source: sach1tb/Flickr

Lakkad bazaar ‘The Wood Market’ is a popular Flea market tucked in a quaintness of Shimla with neat wooden shops and a variety of wooden artistic goods. Toys, showpieces, souvenirs and a lot more is what the market is known for. The gorgeous scenery clinging to the bazaar contributes to the mesmerizing atmosphere here. The bazaar is open every day from dawn to dusk.

Colaba Causeway - Mumbai

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Colaba Causeway is a fascinating area serving a blend of traditional and modern trends on the same plate. Be it accessories, books, clothes, footwear, showpieces, or other fancy things, you’re sure to find an array of everything here. The market of course remains crowded due to the attractions on sale and remains open every day from dawn to dusk.

Laad Bazaar, Hyderabad

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Find the best accessories at Laad Bazaar in Hyderabad. The variety of jewelry, trending outfits, bangles, precious stones and other fancy stuff here are sufficient to woo shoppers. You can visit the bazaar between 8:00am - 10:00pm any day of the week.

Gariahat Market, Kolkata

Image Source: ddasedEn/Flickr

A piece of Kolkata is sold with the goods in this market. Right from the yummy sweets of Kolkata to electronic goods and clothes, there is nothing you wouldn’t find here. The Gariahat Market is an experience to live. Kolkata shopping in its true sense is defined here.

Tibetan Market, Leh

Image Source: Christopher John SSF/Flickr 

The Tibetan market is a cluster of over 50 shops selling warm clothing, accessories, and a lot more. Although Leh is popular for shopping, finding what you need can get pretty challenging. The Tibetan market solves this problem. Bargain to get best deals here. The market is open every day from dawn to dusk.

Sarojini Nagar - Delhi

Image Source: Priyadarshi Ranjan/Flickr 

You got that at a sale but nobody will believe you that’s exactly what happens when you shop at Sarojini Nagar in Delhi. This Flea market manages to bring in export surplus and rejected garments. The stuff here is almost flawless that you’d hardly be able to say why that item was ‘rejected’. So you have quality clothing and a pool of other fashionable things that come dirt cheap in this market. This market however, remains closed on Mondays.

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Chor Bazaar, Mumbai

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Referred to as one of India’s largest Flea market, Chor bazaar is a true paradise for shoppers. While Chor translates to ‘thief’, this place doesn’t sell stolen stuff, however, secondhand goods is quite a common thing here. If your love for antiques is never ending, you definitely should visit this bazaar in Mumbai. The market is open every day from dawn to dusk except for Fridays.

Most of us would relate to the fact that our pockets are never full and our wardrobes are always empty. No matter the amount we shop, we still have nothing to wear. Our houses always seem to need a mini renovation at least and of course we don’t want to go bankrupt every time we satisfy our ‘need’ for shopping. Good heavens! We’ve been blessed with Flea markets almost all across India that take care of our needs and wants both simultaneously.

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