8 Top Flea Markets in Miami For A Fun Shopping Experience!

By Nikita Das on Mar 08, 2019
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Miami for shoppers has always been a fun affair. Its vast range of outlets, ranging from extravagant malls to modern beach boutiques and stores, ensure that you get plenty of indulgence immersing in its exclusive shopping scene. But amidst all that hustle and glamour, there is an another Miami that resides in the bustling alleys of its flea markets; one which not only offers an honest peek into the city's lifestyle but is tempting enough to draw hundreds of bargain hunters and shopaholics with its myriad items every day.

From apparels, antiques to food and accessories, you can literally get everything here! If you are in Miami, a visit to these amazing flea markets is an absolute must. Check out the list below to see what all they have to offer and decide which one you would like to go for first!

1. Flea Market USA

Flea markets in Miami

PC: Pexels.com

What started about 50 years ago as a small shopping area has today evolved into one of the most trusted and most popular flea markets in Miami. You can easily spend a day here strolling through its lanes and checking out its various articles and accessories. The variety of items sold here is massive! And that includes everything from flowers, bakery items to jewellery, furniture, musical instruments, and what not! The place has also garnered a reputation on never compromising on quality hence, rest assured to find only the best here and that too without boring a hole into your pockets. Afterall shopping is a must do leisure activities in Miami!!

Timing: Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Address: 3015 NW 79th St, Miami, FL 33147, USA

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2. Tropicana Flea Market

PC: Pixabay.com

If there is one place to let your inner stylist loose, it is probably in here, at the Tropicana Flea Market. Deemed to be designers' absolute favourite, the place is known to sell quirky items that transcend the fashion norms and let you experiment with your style statement. There is vintage style clothing line with 1960's skirts and floral shirts, there are funky neon shoes and emo style glasses, there are the 1970s tie-dyed bean bags and the list goes on. Got the gist? You will also get other things like food, furniture and antiques here. The fun place while being extremely cheap offers you with plenty of opportunities to recreate a unique wardrobe henceforth creating a unique you!

Timing: Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (7 AM to 7 PM)
Address: 2591 NW 36th Street, Miami, Fl 33142, USA

3. Opa Locka Hialeah Flea Market

PC: Wonderlane/flickr.com

Hop in here if you are planning to embark on an exciting shopping expedition anytime soon. Every stall in the place has something to offer. You can get into the jewellery stores to buy some bling or shop for souvenirs to take home with you. Or go into the furniture section to get some great finds. Once done with all the shopping, set aside the rest of your time to enjoy nice food in any restaurant around. Open 24x7 with free wifi facility, this flea market is a sure shot destination for hardcore shoppers. Come here if you are one and have the time of your life.

Timing: Open seven days year around (6 AM to 6 PM)
Address: 12705 N.W. 42 Ave, Miami, FL 33054, USA

4. Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop

PC: Herb Neufeld/flickr.com

The popular flea market got its name from its locality which resides in Fort Lauderdale, just a little north of Miami. The place draws bargain hunters, freak shoppers and antique collectors like a moth to the flame (no kidding!), attributing to the unique shopping environment that it has. Whether you delve into the indoor section or stroll through the outdoor area, get ready to be charmed by its extensive collection (inclusive of unique and rare items) that will prompt to spend even more than you actually planned. Well, no remorse there, as every penny spent is worth it all.

If you are coming with children, come early so that you can enjoy the other perks of the place like amusement park rides and indoor eateries.

Timing: Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Address: 3291 W Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311, USA

5. The Miami Flea for Some Vintage Shopping

PC: Pixabay.com

Have a flair for the vintage and old? And looking for the same in your Miami shopping excursion? Don't think twice before coming in here as the place will cater to all your needs. Home to several vintage items, from old bags, rugs, dresses to decor accessories, the shops will provide you with enough options to appease your taste and have a nice time shopping around. The market although remains open on Sundays only when the local vendors and art lovers come together to create a jovial and artistic ambience with entertaining performances. Get one of those cool handmade items, grab a bite in the surrounding food joints and enjoy listening to the folks as they go wild!

Timing: Sunday (1 PM to 5PM)
Address: 1418 NE Miami Ct, Miami, FL, 33132, USA

6. Revelation Market Place For Shopping with Family

PC: facebook.com

Perfect for family outings, this flea market has a little something for everyone and that's what makes it such a delight to visit. You can come here with your kids and expect a fun time indulging in its myriad stuff ranging shops, salons, and gym. One of the largest, it is also home to an attractive play area decked with attractions like Victory Amusement Center and Mr Bear’s Bounce Around Playhouse & Arcade making it one of the best places for family activities in Miami. Since it remains open till late evenings, a nice meal at the end of the day (and after some hefty shopping) will leave you pretty relaxed and satisfied.

Timing: Wednesday to Sunday (10 AM to 9 PM)
Address: 27455 S. Dixie Hwy, Homestead, FL 33032, USA

7. Redland Market Village Bargain Town

PC: Youtube.com

Home to many flea markets, Redland Market Village is another of Homestead's lovely gems providing an outlet for travellers to take a piece of this city with them back home in the form of jewellery or antiques. Bargain hunters with a talent for getting everything at a throwaway price rate will also get to step up their sport as the competition gets pretty cutthroat here. Nonetheless, the exciting food scene with authentic ethnic flavours will keep you happy and hip for the entire visit. If nothing, just stroll through the farmer's market and taste some of those delicious star fruit sold there.

Timing: Open from Sunday to Wednesday (9 AM to 5 PM)
Address:  24420 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead, FL 33030, USA

8. The Village Flea Market

PC: maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com

Want a quiet shopping experience without indulging in the cacophony of overly crowded market streets? Come to the village flea market and you will have just that! Open all days of the week, this multicultural market is located in the north-west of Miami and is home to an elaborate farmer's market sprawled in an area of 200,000-square-foot. Come here to buy an array of fresh produce - vegetables, fruits to curds and cheese, lovingly cultivated and harvested by its hardworking folks. To make it even more convenient, there is a vast parking lot close to numerous restaurants and food joints along with varied shops selling items like ceramics, sportswear, watches, and accessories.

Timing: Open from Monday to Saturday (9:30 AM to 7 PM)
Address: Northside Shopping Center, 7900 NW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33147, USA

No matter how much of a brand addict you are, shopping in Miami's flea markets is something that is a must to experience. Don't think much, just get one of those above places on your checklist and explore!

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