A Guide to Shopping at the Flea Markets in Paris

By Revati Tamboli on Aug 07, 2018
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There are some people who shop for traveling and then there are some people who travel for shopping. What can a shopaholic not get in the global center of art, culture, and fashion? Paris is a god-sent gift to the world, as an answer to every avid shopper’s wishes!Here we bring you the best shopping places in Paris. These flea markets are a symbol of the French culture and apart from being the shoppers’ paradise, these are the cultural hubs of Paris. So, all the ‘monsieurs’ and ‘femmes’, head to these flea markets in Paris to fill your shopping bags and empty your pockets!

1. Vanves Flea Market

media_gallery-2018-08-7-7-14200401174_a871fa601f_z_2896e17a0723c3c0d520f9eb32b8ba3b.jpgImage Source: flickr.com

Whether you are an avid antique collector or just a whimsical shopper, the Vanves will surely enthrall you. It is arguably the smallest and friendliest flea market in Paris. The modest size of the market makes it easy for you to shop without any confusion. However small in size, the market has a lot to offer. With just 200 traders in the house, the Vanves Flea Market is an intimate and cozy place to shop for one-off pieces and collectibles. 

Location: 5 Avenue de la Porte de Vanves, 75014 Paris, France

2. Montreuil Flea Market

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Every shopping spree is incomplete without a careless splurge on apparels. Established in 1860, the Montreuil Flea Market is a perfect place to shop for some ‘a la mode' clothes. The secondhand dealers near ‘Porte de Montreuil’ are famous for vintage clothing. You can score some really good old jackets, laces, and hats here. The central section of the market is a haven for new clothes, shoes, and accessories. A visit to the Montreuil Flea Market will surely revamp your wardrobe.

Location: Ave. de la Porte de Montreuil, 75020 Paris, France

3. Rue d'Aligre Flea Market

The world should be forever grateful to the Frenchmen for their lip-smacking dishes. The Rue d’Aligre Flea Market offers a wonderful culinary experience of the French cuisine. Fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy items, best quality cheeses, bread, wines, sausages; you name it and this market has it for you! Not just the cuisine, the Rue d’Aligre Flea Market also makes you acquainted with the local mannerisms and oddities. The Rue d’Aligre is one of the rare Paris flea markets open during the week. 

Location: Place d'Aligre, 75011 Paris, France

4. Parc Georges Brassens Weekly Book Market

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Food for the foodies, antiques for hobbyists, art for the aesthetes, Paris has everything for everyone! Even the bibliophiles are not excluded from this list. The Parc Georges Brassens Weekly Book Market is a perfect place for avid readers and collectors. The market has antique books from before 1815. It also features out-of-print editions. You will love how the books are bound in old-leather style bindings and have engravings. The  Parc Georges Brassens is THE place in Paris to shop for books.

Location: 104 rue Brancion, 15th Arrondissement

5. Les Puces (The Fleas)

media_gallery-2018-08-7-7-les_pucas_68cf42f6444544cfc08f785f59afa55e.jpgImage Source: flickr.com

The Les Puces is also popularly known as the St Ouen Flea Market and Clignancourt Flea Market. It is the largest flea market in the world and attracts over 11 million visitors every year. The market houses over 2,500 stalls and has a varied collection of items. You can get scientific devices, odd machinery, antique taxidermy, furniture, sculptures, vintage couture clothing everything under one roof at this Paris flea market Clignancourt. This is a must-visit place when you are in Paris.

Location: Rue des Rosiers, 93400 Saint Ouen, France

6. Paul Bert Serpette

media_gallery-2018-08-7-8-Paul_Bert_Serpette_aab72e540b5ce2c7b5caca8fbbffac1c.jpgImage Source: pixabay.com

The Paul Bert Serpette, established in 1946, is world’s largest antique market. The market lies in the middle of the St Ouen Flea Market. It is home to 400 shops and each shop has something unique to offer. You can get both antiquities and contemporary art at the market. These antiques range from the Greco-Roman period to the 20th century. Roam around this place of excellence and refinement to experience the art at its best. 

Location: 110 rue des Rosiers, 93400 Saint Ouen, France

7. Marché Malassis

media_gallery-2018-08-7-8-March___Malassis_7d6a4fe43daf1906a4845c1f42e473ad.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

Established in 1991, the Marche Malassis is one of the largest markets of Saint Ouen Flea Market. It houses a brief collection of furniture and another top of the range items. The furniture dates back to the 17th century. The market also houses charming art items from the 19th and 20th centuries. Artisans, sculptors, painters, watchmakers, and antique dealers, all bring out their best in this treasure trove. The Marche Malassis mainly exhibits Chinese and Persian artifacts.

Location: 142 rue des Rosiers - 93400 Saint Ouen

8. Marche Vernaison

media_gallery-2018-08-7-8-Marche_Vernaison_39b6f8e36f1984069cf4341f6ce0aa7b.jpgImage Source: pxhere.com

The Marche Vernaison is where Les Puces was first started. It holds a unique french charm. The market houses an eccentric collection of antiques, collectibles, kitchenware, tableware, books, and night lamps. The Marche Vernaison is famous for its old world charm and authenticity. Being in the market still makes you feel like you have time-traveled to the golden era of Art and Renaissance. The meandering walkways, classic eateries, and vibrant vibes of the market are what makes it a popular attraction in Paris.

Location: 99 rue des Rosiers, 93400 Saint Ouen, France

9. Marché Bastille

media_gallery-2018-08-7-8-337323740_638cd7f4d7_z_9e3f307b8aed5002962aa0e693f04ff3.jpgImage Source: flickr.com

The Marché Bastille is popular in Paris for its local cheeses, free-range chicken, and excellent fish. This open-air market stretched between the Bastille and Richard Lenoir is a paradise for all the shoppers. The market also offers edibles like vegetables, meat, and seasonal specialties. You can also score a beautiful dress and trendy wallets and handbags at this market. There’s nothing better than visiting a farmer’s market located amidst the world’s food capital!

Location: Boulevard Richard Lenoir - 75011 Paris

10. Le Village Saint-Paul

media_gallery-2018-08-7-8-Le_Village_Saint_Paul_d89da56ed3df4b45afbc4afa2c7ae147.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

The Le Village Saint-Paul is a quaint and beautiful shopping destination in Paris. The cobblestone streets, five small green courtyards add to the vintage beauty of the village. This cozy and charming village is home to many designers and craft boutiques. The Le Village Saint-Paul is a perfect place to relax and shop at the same time.

Location: Rue Saint-Paul - 75004 Paris

It’s for you to decide where to shop from! The best or the cheapest, or the best, cheapest and most unique?

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