This Is Every Flight Attendants' Nightmare!


Image source: dailymail 

As fellow passengers there are stories we’ve all heard and gasped at. Especially one’s about Air Hostesses being mistreated. But this piece of news truly is the pits of humanity.

An Air Hostess on the Cebu Pacific was doing her usual duty of helping passengers on board to be seated for take-off. When she was demanded to carry an abled woman’s bag, when she resisted, she was slapped hard across her face leaving her with a red mark. The shock of being attacked by a seemingly mild passenger is every crew’s nightmare. The attacker is a doctor and has been charged for assaulting the attendant.

The next story is even more disturbing-

An AirAsia flight attendant was scalded with hot water from a cup noodle because she had to inform a couple that they didn’t have the right seats next to each other on the aircraft. The girlfriend yelled at the flight attendant, and abused her and then threw hot water at her face, leaving her with severe burns. After the cabin crew stepped in and the flight attendant was tended to, the boyfriend started to threaten the crew by telling them he’ll "blow up the plane”. After being hauled of the plane, the boyfriend carried his girlfriend in his arms like a princess and walked away. They were slapped with a huge fine and compensation fee afterwards.

While many have suffered alone, there are few who stand up.  A drunk passenger on American Airlines acted inappropriately with a flight attendant when he was asked to be seated because the plane was still in motion after it landed. The impatient passenger yelled at the flight attendant and kicked her and shoved her onto the floor while threatening to break her jaw.

While the cabin crew tried to calm things down, the drunk passenger was even more adamant on hurting the flight attendant when the pilot finally stepped in and took matters in his own hands, literally and tackled the drunk to the floor and yelled "Enough! Don’t put your hands on my flight attendant!” With such command and surety the passenger stopped misbehaving and was charged and released on a $25,000 bond and on the "no fly” list till his trial.

It wouldn’t hurt to be civilized and perhaps stand up to these entitled passengers so that they don’t take people for granted and especially not misbehave with one 

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