Florence Dance Festival

It is true that art can bring aeons together. The Florence dance festival is one such festival where the barriers of time and space are broken by the mesmerizing dance forms. It is usually held in July and attracts locals and tourists alike. 

It is usually held in the courtyard of the historic Bargello Museum. Here, History meets the modern culture through dance forms. In addition to the museum, the festival is also hosted at the Teatro Verdi and Teatro Romano in Fiesole.

The Florence Dance festival was first held in 1990 and it will be celebrating its 28th edition in 2018. The Bargello Museum will be alight with delicate postures of the most famous dancers from all over the world on 25th July 2018. 

Some of the most promising events to look forward to at the Florence dance festival are:

Image Source: wikimedia.commons


The main essence of the Florence dance festival is obviously the dance. Artists from all over the world gather in this festival to showcase their talents. Ranging from traditional dance forms to modern dance forms, this festival has it all. Together with the Mind-boggling ambience of the museum, the Florence dance festival is a feat worth witnessing.


The Florence dance festival is not only a dance concert. It is also a hub of many other activities related to dance. The events are enjoyed by the young and old alike. They are all related to dancing and other art forms. Therefore, the Florence dance festival is good food to the aesthetic mind

This festival is at the top of the list for aesthetic gallivants. Tourists from all over the world mix with the locals during this festival to enjoy the fine art that dance is. The city also has elegant hotels near the venue of the dance festival. Therefore, you do not have to worry about arriving at the festival drenching in sweat.

Be assured that witnessing the Florence Dance Festival is quite an experience in itself. Book your tickets now to this historic city to engage yourself in an event worth each penny.


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