What To Do In Florence For A Romantic Getaway?

What better than a beautiful city could inspire you to travel? While contemplating on a holiday is undoubtedly exciting and manifests without hesitation, the determination of a travel destination slightly becomes a tough call. A common desire of enjoying urbanization with a whip of natural beauty and tranquil surroundings is something most people desire or call their perfect vacation. And why not, would'nt that make a perfect holiday?

A picturesque city with fascinating tradition, culture and trending modern aspects may be tough but definitely not impossible to find. Especially when we have Italian holidays to bank on, a city with the aforementioned traits comes easy. To pick one for the best, most would vouch for Florence this season. Actually, every season! So we bring to you the definite hit list so you won't be wondering "what to do in Florence?"

What Makes Florence So Special?

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Only if there was a single highlight. The city is replete with the goodness of art, history, fashion, mesmerizing views, sparking nightlife and the list goes on. The city thats synonymous with the term renaissance claims to be one of the world's greatest artistic capitals. The city is way beyond ones imagination.

The roots of Florence stretch deeper when it comes to the magic of art and culture. While talking art, the city is replete with museums and galleries. The city defines art on a different level altogether. While the artistic city would urge you to put the museums and galleries atop on your Florence itinerary, there is only one statement you'd use to define this city later- Too much beauty for one city.

F for Florence, F for Fabulous

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The fabulous city is home to the most magical art and commendable architecture as we already know. This makes Florence look like a movie set, naturally. Even an art lover may not be able to absorb so much in one go. The Duomo, Doors of Paradise and Michelangelo's David are a couple of highlights that the majestic city is known for. If you're torn between what to do in Florence for 2 days, you cannot possibly pass these up!

But that's just the surface, if you dig deeper, you find the Baptistery, the spectacular old bridge, the historic center, Boboli gardens, Pitti Palace and more. The city of course has too much to explore. Any amount of visits here will not satisfy your curiosity of the hidden beauty of Florence.

Easiest City of Italy

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While planning an Italian holiday, Rome, Venice and Florence stand in tough competition against each other. While Rome and Venice suffer lag due to the hassle of pre visit preparations, Florence wins the tourist's heart playing the easy city. While Rome and Venice would demand basic knowledge of public transportation, Florence can be explored on foot. Besides, any city is best discovered on foot where you get you own sweet time to watch the minute details of its attractions and ample of time in its peaceful gardens. So that's beauty and convenience at your service in the city of Florence.

A Romantic Destination

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Of course if you're looking for a honeymoon destination, Florence is your answer. The romantic city has just whats needed for newlyweds. A storybook scenario, narrow cobbled streets, mesmerizing waters, spectacular countryside, quaint medieval villages and towns scattered through the hilly area and a lot more. Dj vu? You saw it in the movies, silly. Florence is simply ideal to create new memories with your spouse or relive the old ones. Rejuvenation to your love life is definitely hidden neath this romantic hub.

Shop till you drop

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Whether a local or a tourist, if you are in Italy, you definitely can't resist shopping. While different regions of the country sell different stuff, the city of Florence is known for leather. The historic center has a chain of outdoor shops while otherwise the city also has plenty of elite indoor shops. With a glance at the variety of leather goods, you're sure to return with a leather makeover for your wardrobe. Bags, belts, shoes, you name it. Besides, a leather souvenir sounds classy, doesn't it? You'll literally be here all day so if you're wondering what to do in Florence in one day, the best thing to do is shop, eat and make merry!

Tip: You can bargain at the outdoor stalls. However, while you're too busy bargaining, dont forget to pay attention to your valuables. Else your may be super excited at your bargaining skills of getting your favorite leather goods for half the price; only to realize your wallet is missing.

Yumm! Here's Food

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This should actually be the first reason why you're considering Florence for you holiday. Yes, Italy is popular for pizza and pasta, but Florence hops out of the box and serves you steaks instead. The delicious flavorful steak will melt in your mouth giving your taste buds a real treat. Most of the food here is served with salt-free Tuscan bread. It was believed that back in history, the Pisans stopped the shipment of salt hoping Florence to surrender during its historical rivalry with Pisa. Bread without salt was Florence's way to letting Pisa Know that they would not surrender. Ever since, Tuscan bread is prepared without salt. So now you know why you are eating what you are eating in Florence. The plus point of this salt-less bread is that it absorbs the flavor of the food better than any other. So you have history complementing your delicious delicacies today.

For desert Florence serves Gelato. The city is famous across Italy when it comes to gelato and serves the best gelatos in the country or maybe in the whole world. You cannot leave this city without trying the mouth watering gelatos. If you're lucky, you may get to be a part of the gelato festival celebrated in Florence as well. So if you have children, you know what to do in Florence with kids!

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Florence is an ideal city when it comes to a holiday destination. The city has so much that it guarantees entertainment. Florence tourism has been on an all time high and the city has earned that very factor. A visit to this magnetic city will sure keep you engrossed with the mesmerizing beauty and won't disappoint you with even a single moment of boredom. After reading this blog you might be wondering now "what to do in Florence once I get there?!" I hope! So happy tripping lovebirds!

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