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As I sit to write about this city I live and breathe in, I cannot help but feel distressed. Is there anything left to write of a city that distinguished writers have not spoken about? More importantly, is there anything left to write of this city at all that can be penned unique.

Ask a developer what keeps him awake at night and he would answer without blinking of re-writing someone elses code. Ask an artist to make the perfect impression of Mona Lisa, and you will see the angst in his eyes. For he knows as well as you do, it is unfathomable.

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And that is the reason for my agony, London is hardly untouched canvas. Many a folk before me have crooned of its incomparable beauty. London is every wanderers dreams.  It is the Kohinoor of all diamonds. It is the Everest of all mountains.

And then came a thought, a thought I knew would set this blog apart, keep it simple, for London writes itself. It has poetry in its roads. It has art on its walls. Listen closely and the buildings will share a secret, and my heart feels lighter. This blog will be one of the easiest ones I have ever written, because, all I have to do is keep it simple.

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I have spent a rather large part of my 20s in this city, 5 years to be exact and I have never once been truly bored. One would think that is impossible but with London, it is like spotting pebbles on a beach. Whichever path you take, they are unmissable.

Just like any typical excited 20-something who was whisked away from her cocoon for the very first time, I could not wait to explore this vibrant city. I had only read of its charm, but exploring this city was something else. I began my London chronicles visiting the main places of interests (drawn off the internet of course!). From the magnificent London Eye to the glittery Madame Tussauds, from the rich and colourful sea life to the colossal Big Ben and of course, her Majestys home Buckingham palace and the ever luscious Hyde park, I saw it all. Needless to say, I was enthralled.

I was Charlie Bucket and this city was my chocolate factory.

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My walk along the iconic London Bridge for the very first time is etched in my memory. I felt truly blessed in a way for this bridge was the hallmark of London after all. Visiting each of these places also taught me something. I was humbled about how little I knew of this city. To quote an example - I did not know that London Bridge is misrepresented in most places .The prominent and striking sky blue bridge etched in our memories built across the Thames is really Tower Bridge, which is quite often mistaken to be London Bridge! I was one of them mistaken people of course :)

My weekdays were filled with planning my weekend rendezvous and I knew I was getting addicted to this city. There were ample places to get lost in, even more history to absorb.

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Housing over 300 museums & art galleries, this city is an art historians Garden of Eden. I have never been an art enthusiast myself but even I was not spared of its enticement. From the very unusual Fan museum to the world renowned British Museum & the Natural History museum, London makes for some enormous history to get buried in. And if that isnt enough, believe me when I say there is a piece of history all around and a story that comes with it, rather peculiar ones even!

I was once told, much to my amusement, that the building I work in used to be a traders market that sold poultry back in the 16th century. Trust me, its true and therein lies the charm of London.

One can never be too far from history here.

I discovered a quaint paradise in Greenwich. The significance of the prime meridian line here was not missed as was Cutty Sark one of the fastest clippers that transported tea all the way from China in the late 1800s. There was also a tunnel walk that takes you right across the Thames!

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It is befitting that Greenwich is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Every place I went inevitably reminded me of the monumental history London housed. I was fascinated by the crown jewels at the Tower of London and paid my respects to Charles Dickens at the Westminster Abbey. I was transported back in time at St Pauls Cathedral. As I walked along the Millennium Bridge making my way from St Pauls Cathedral, I realised I was looking at diversity at its best - on one side of the Thames was history of course in the form of St. Pauls but on the other side was literature & theatre for I had arrived at the world famous Shakespeares Globe!

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This particular layout describes London best culturally vast, rich and diverse topped with the right amount of bling thanks to the likes of West End & Oxford Street like chocolate sprinkles on vanilla ice-cream.     

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A lot can be said about a city by the food it endorses and in comparison, London is like a showstopper in a fashion show. For someone with a rather steep culinary horizon such as me, this city is like torrential rain on a parched desert. A stroll down any of the various markets in London will vouch for this fact. Food in london is quite literally, to die for. Be it Indian, Mexican, Brazilian or Argentinian, one is spoilt for choice here. If my tongue ever sprouted legs, it would moon-dance forever!

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In all my travels, I have not seen of any other city that is culturally as diverse as London. From sport to theatre, from art to glamour, this city has it all. But for me, the most important of all is that London has been home for a long time :)

London offers experiences that you can cherish for lifetime. What are you waiting for? Take the first step by planning a trip London

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