Free Wi-Fi Spots in Albany

Albany is the capital city of New York State. It is a very busy place and is quite famous for art. In other words it can be said that the place is a great centre of art. The plaza is bookended by the 1800s New York State Capitol and the New York State Museum, focusing on natural and cultural history. The Albany Institute of History and Art are famed for its Hudson River School paintings. It is really amazing.

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1. New York State Capitol

Located at State St. and Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12224, United States the place is simply great in many ways. The place is also quite important from political point of view. The Legislative sessions usually used to be held in different buildings at different places before Albany was declared the State capital in 1797. From that time until 1811, the State Legislature met at the Old Albany City Hall. The first State Capitol was designed by Albany native named Phillip Hooker. Thus the entire place had a good wi fi connectivity.

2. Empire State Plaza

Located between Madison Avenue and State Street, and Swan Street and Eagle Street the place is quite famous and renowned. It is a place where a buyer can get the season's freshest produce, flowers, plants, meats, cheeses, baked goods, wine, cider and much more. The connection is quite good and can be accessed quite easily. Thus this place offers a good wi fi connectivity. In other words shopping and surfing can be done easily.

3. New York State Museum

Located at 222 Madison Ave, Albany, NY 12230, USA the place is quite important for the viewers and tourists. The place is a research-backed institution in Albany, New York, United States. It is actually located on Madison Avenue, and attached to the southern side of the Empire State Plaza. If you visit this place you can enjoy the benefits of fully-equipped complimentary high-speed Internet access. This is really a great service offered by them. The place experiences a gathering of numerous people.

4. Albany Institute of History and Art

Located at 125 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12210, USA the place is quite famous for students across the world. The Institute is basically a museum in Albany, New York, United States, and totally dedicated in the work of collecting, preserving, interpreting and promoting interest in the history, art, and culture of Albany and the Upper Hudson Valley region. People from various corners of the world come to visit this place due to its historical significance. The wi fi is quite fast and good.

5. Apple store Crossgates

Located at 1 Crossgates Mall Rd  Albany, NY 12203 (518) 869-3192 is a nice store. The store is presumed to be the ideal place to get all the apple products at a very reasonable price. Apple Specialists can assist you to know about their  products and answer the questions. The wi fi available is quite good in speed.

6. Schuyler Mansion

Located at 32 Catherine St, Albany, NY 12202, USA the place has a great historical significance. It is basically a very old historic house situated at 32 Catherine Street in Albany, New York, United States. The brick mansion is now a museum and an official National Historic Landmark. The onsite business centre is open 24 hours a day. Thus it is a great place to have a look at and spend some time. The place has a good ambience. One can earn good knowledge from this museum.

7. Irish American Heritage Museum

Located at 370 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207, USA the place is very famous in the whole Albany. It is a museum that depicts the history of the Irish people during early periods. Thus the whole place has a great historical importance till the present day. The entire museum has a good wifi connectivity that is quite favourable for the visitors.

8. Fort Orange

Located at 302-, 310 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207, United States the place is really an awesome one. It was basically the first permanent settlement of the Dutch’s in New Netherland and the present-day city of Albany. The whole area has good wifi network that enables people to do their work. It also has some old historical backgrounds.

9. Corning City Preserve

Located at Albany, NY 12207, USA the place has an awesome ambience. It is actually a park space beside the Hudson River, featuring a hiking/running trail, boat launch & amphitheatre. The entire area has a good connectivity of wifi. People who come to this park can access their internet and do their work. The connection is quite good and fast.