Free Wi-Fi Spots in Antwerp

Antwerp was known as the “ world's leading diamond city”, is one of the major tourist destinations in Belgium. It is the second largest city in Belgium. According to reports, more than eighty percent of the world’s diamonds are traded here. It houses a splendid historical city center. Belgium is highly renowned for its fashion industry and is regarded as the economic hub of the country. Antwerp has several historically acclaimed monuments that contrast with its trendy modern life. Let's explore some free wifi zones around the city that would help you stay connected.

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1. Antwerp international airport

Antwerp international airport is located five kilometers south to the main city. It mostly serves various chartered and business flights.  Starting from the check-ins the passengers can access the unlimited free wifi by completing the registration steps by entering your email id. You can connect to the airport wifi network and stay connected to the world while you travel.

2. Grote Markt

The Great market square or Grote Markt is located at 2000 Antwerpen. It is one of the most happening places after the sun sets. Restaurants, bars and pubs fill the city offering a dynamic nightlife. The statue of Haagse Harry further adds grace to the location. From the available networks, select 'Free WiFi Turnhout' and start browsing.

3. Park Spoor Noord

It is a twenty-hectare fantastic park located in the Northern area of Antwerp where you can take a stroll and do cycling. It is one of the best parks in the city, Park Spoor Noord is one of the free wifi zones. From the set of available networks, you can connect to 'free wifi turnout' and stay connected to the world.

4. Red star line museum

Red star line museum is located a montevideostraat 3, Antwerp 2000. The museum embraces fascinating displays, movies and audio recordings about the migration that red star line brought about. It indeed addresses the history of global immigration. You don't need any specific registration to access the internet. From the available networks select “Antwerp Free Wi-Fi” and stay connected while you tour the museum.

5. Museum Aan de room

It is the largest museum in the city that is located by the river Scheldt. The collections are based on various themes like a metropolis, concepts revolving around life and death. They conduct exhibitions regularly. Here again, you are provided with free wifi. You don't require any password. From the available networks, you have to log in to “ Antwerp Free wifi” and start browsing.

6. Port of Antwerp

It is located a few kilometers away from the city center, it houses a lot of cruise ships every year that ferry thousands of visitors to the city center. It has its exact location at  Grote Markt 152000 Antwerpen. You can access free unlimited wifi by selecting “ Antwerp free wifi from the listed networks and stay connected to the world while you travel.

7. Museum Plantin

Museum plantin is actually a printing museum located at Antwerp which concentrates on the work of sixteenth-century printers. Since the year 2005, it is a world heritage site. You can visit this place and explore one of the oldest printing presses in the world. It holds nearly thirty thousand books along with a huge number of lead letters. You can access free internet by choosing “ Antwerp's free wifi” from the listed networks and you can start browsing the internet.

8. Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library

Hendrik Conscience library is a library that functions as a repository of the city. It protects the several collections of books and magazines permanently. They hold nearly 1 million books. The themes for collection are mainly Dutch literature, Netherlands history, and Flemish culture. You can access free internet by choosing “ Antwerp's free wifi” from the listed networks and you can start browsing the internet.