Free Wi-Fi Spots in Athens

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Athens is not just the capital of Greece but this also was at the heart of ancient Greek. Athens still houses which century BC landmarks that includes the hilltop citadel with ancient buildings and Acropolis. Acropolis is a Museum that preserves vases, sculptures, jewellery and many stuff from ancient read along with the national archaeological museum. Athens offers many places where you can click wonderful pictures. And you can upload this pictures on live streaming videos from Athens with the free Wi-Fi it offers. Here are a few places in Athens where you can access its free Wi-Fi.

1. Rizari Park

Rizari Park is a beautiful area for relaxation which is full of greenery. The part was donated to grease in 1844 by a member and benefactor of Rizaris.  The park also has a free Wi-Fi with the network name rizari park. However you need to enter the password rizari12345 for connecting to the network.

2. Syntagma square

Syntagma square is the most famous square of Athens. It is the centre place and to find your way anywhere in Athens, find Syntagma square. Why you hear you can also access free Wi-Fi network with the same name as the square. Since it is an open network you don't need a password to login to the network.

3. Nea Smyrni Square

This is the largest and the most busiest Central square in Athens. Also it is the commercial, administrator and financial centre of Nea Smyrni. You can login to their open free Wi-Fi network with the same name as the square. You don't need a password to connect to the Nea Smyrni open network.

4. Flisvos park

It is a breathtaking part of Athens and just a few steps away from the sea. It is a good place to visit if you have a family with you on the trip. It's well groomed and publicized area provide you with many options for clicking pictures. You can upload the pictures using the free WiFi of the park. However you will need a password to log into the account which is fp12345.

5. Flisvos marina

Situated at Paleo Faliro, Flisvos Marina offers you and ultimate experience for yachting. It also has high end restaurants and shops. The Marina is situated only 6 kilometres away from the centre of Athens. You can take pictures or live stream the video of your experience using the free Wi-Fi network name flisvos Marina. You don't need a password for connecting to the network.

6. S Beach Athens

This beach is situated on Voula 166 73, and it features the crystal clear water. It also has shorelines that are sand-fringed. This breathtaking beach is easily accessible to public. Using the free Wi-Fi with the network name Sbeach you can get some of your work done in the middle of the surin beach and upload pictures.

7. Vouliagmeni Lake

Only few kilometres away from the centre of the city and in the heart of Athens Rivera the hidden treasure of lake vouliagmeni is situated. It is a breathtaking lake with mineral springs and free Wi-Fi. You can look for the network the name of the lake and connect to it using the password Limni1234. Once you unlock then you can use the network to do your work, share pictures online, livestream videos from this place.

9. Astir Beach

This is one beautiful beach with gorgeous blue waters and very stunning sunsets. It is very welcoming where you can touch the sun and smell the sea. You can share the ultimate experience of seaside here on Astir Beach using the free Wi-Fi it offers. Look for the network named astir beach and just click to connect. You don't need a password to login into the account.

10. Loutsa Beach

This is the closest beach to the town. It is situated on the east coast of the capital and a great place to spend some time relaxing and swimming. The beach offers free Wi-Fi with the name loutsa beach. You will need the password vampir57 connect to the network and be able to share pictures on internet. Once your connected you can use the high speed internet for doing some work, sharing pictures or live streaming your videos from the beach.