Free Wi-Fi Spots in Austin

Austin, State capital of Texas, is also hub of University and campus. The city is also famous for its Live music, Songs, culture, that can be seen everywhere amongst the local people. The city is also famous for Rock, Blues and Electric Live music along with it scenic beauty that is reflected in the beautiful lakes and parks. Some of the best Formula one Race tracks and events can be seen here in Austin. This also makes Austin the center hub for free Wi-Fi spots, that are available in many public places.

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1. Austin Bergstrom Airport

When traveling to Austin – you can get to enjoy free Wi-Fi connectivity at the Austin International Airport. The passengers can get connected to the Wi-Fi for free for 2 hours duration. To get connected you just need to search for “Boingo”. Once you are in you just to perform search on “Complementary Wi-Fi” and get connected. You may not have to worry about password but you may have to view the short video played when connected to Wi-Fi. The Airport is located just 2435 Km from New York.

2. Schlotzsky’s Deli

If you enjoy food, then it is obvious that you can enjoy it with free Wi-Fi at the Schlotzsky’s Deli. The place is located in the City center and is one of the preferred Hot spots for Wi-Fi lovers. The service is offered complimentary by the restaurant as Cool Cloud. To get connected you just need to search for network on your mobile device or laptops. The hotspot can be located at 802.11b-compliant and SSID to search for is “Cool Cloud”.

3. Chick-Fil-A

This is another cool hot spot for Wi-Fi lovers. The place is located at 10901 Research Blvd at Great Hills- Austin. The place is also famous as a Chicken restaurant and other delicious cuisines. So, when enjoying your best meal you can also enjoy the Wi-Fi connectivity for free. There is no time restriction and you can enjoy connectivity till you enjoy the food at the restaurant. When enjoying sandwiches, you just need to stay tuned to the Wi-Fi network.

3. Panera Bread Restaurant

The place is a famous Restaurant located at 12901 Hill Country Blvd. Texas. The bakery cafes offer traditional taste of freshly baked bread within the Neighborhood. The outlet is famous for its Soups, Breads, Salads, Sandwiches, Organic foods, Bakery products and delicious Pizza. You can get to enjoy some of the most delicious flavors in pizza at the restaurant outlets along with Free Wi-Fi Connectivity. So, the moment you step inside the restaurant, you can get connected to internet for free. Panera is also famous for offering with biggest Wi-Fi network connectivity to its customers with US.

5. It’s A Grind

Café, coffee and Free Wi-Fi is also available at It’s A Grind which is located at 1000 E 1st Street, Austin. The coffee house is famous for its distinct coffee flavors, bakeries, Cookies, light snacks and Wi-Fi Connectivity. You get to access unlimited internet services while enjoying your coffee here. To get access you just need to search for the available free Wi-Fi connection. You may not need password for staying connected to the network. One main advantage of this place is that you get to enjoy some of the best treats like ice cream, hot chocolate, cream treats while surfing. 

6. Starbucks – Congress and Academy

The place is famous for serving Espresso, brewed coffee and other snacks. So, if you love handmade snacks, beverages and other foods then this is the right place for you located at s Congress Avenue – 1007 Austin. It is obvious that a perfect cup of special brewed coffee and great snack can boost your day. To make it more special, Starbucks offers its customers with free Internet connectivity as Free Wi-Fi. When enjoying your morning coffee, you get to check your emails, messages or even check with your reports before submission. You can surf the internet for free sitting on plush seat of the café. Password and network details can be collected from the service staff at the café on arrival.

7. Hill Country – Austin

Located at 12115 Manchaca Road, you find a beautiful café – Hill Country Coffee shop. The place is also a famous Hotspot for Free Wi-Fi and to get connected you just need to sit back and enjoy a great cup of coffee. People who enjoy Mochaccinos and Lattes can now enjoy it while surfing internet for free using Wi-Fi connectivity. The customers can request for Wi-Fi network connection the moment you step inside the café and you can stay connected for as long as you are enjoying your coffee at the café. One benefit you get here is that you can enjoy luxurious environment, décor and internet browsing. During weekends the place can also be booked for organizing your meetings such that entire staff gets to enjoy free Wi-Fi connectivity.

8. Austin Public Library

In Austin, there certainly isn’t a place that can offer you as more privacy than Terrazas branch Public Library. The place is located at 1105 E Cesar Chavez street. The library also has numerous locations within Austin where anyone get to enjoy access to free Wi-Fi connectivity. The service is provided for free by Austin City for people who need access to vast information and knowledge at their fingertips. The service is offered on non-profit basis and you can request the network details from the helpdesk at the Library location.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are a number of hot spots for Wi-Fi connectivity in Austin. So, search for the free-wi-fi zones wherever you are heading to from the locals to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.