Free Wi-Fi Spots in Bangalore

Bangalore is India’s second fastest growing metropolitan city. It is famous for the nightclubs and parks. It is also the capital of Karnataka, which is India’s Southern State. Bangalore is now officially known as Bengaluru. There are also many educational and research industries in this city. A lot of travelers travel in and out of this city for professional as well as entertainment purposes. This article helps the tourists find some of the well-known free Wi-Fi spots in Bangalore.

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1. Ola Cabs

Taxi service is very important for the people who do not travel in their own vehicles. A number of taxi services operate in Bangalore to take the travelers to their desired locations on time. Ola Cab is one such taxi service operating in the city. Now, they also give free Wi-Fi service inside the cab. The travelers do not even have to log into their Ola account to access this service. They will have to complete an authentication process by their mobile phones and then they are good to go.

2. Chinnaswamy Stadium

This is a famous stadium in Bangalore. A number of sporting events happen here, especially cricket. One can enjoy the game as well as a good Wi-Fi service here. The stadium offers free Wi-Fi facility for all the guests. Hence, they can connect with the entire world, even in the middle of the game. No password is used to access their network.

3. KSRTC Bus Station

The Karnataka State Bus Station is utilized by almost all the travelers to reach their destination easily and at a lower cost compared to the cabs. Many of these Bus Stations in Bangalore are provided with a free Wi-Fi service. This service will be available for the travelers for a limited period of time, for instance, one hour. Hence, in case of an emergency a traveler can immediately access this Wi-Fi service and complete their work on time.

4. Troit Brewpub

The Troit Brewpub is one of the prominent breweries in Bangalore. The tourists who wish to engage in a brewery tour will definitely love this place. They can also enjoy a wide collection of naturally brewed beer, appetizers, salads, and other snacks in this place. The pub also offers a free Wi-Fi facility for the guests. They will have to enter a password to access this service. The password is “wine&cheese”.

5. The Humming Tree

Located in Indira Nagar, Bangalore, The Humming Tree is a music venue and bar. This is one of the most sought-after places in Bangalore. People can enjoy live music. Exhibitions, cultural performances, fun workshops, etc., at the Humming Tree. They also provide free Wi-Fi facility for all the guests. All the visitors of this venue can enjoy the programs as well as do their work using the free internet service.

6. Yogisthan

Yogisthan in Bangalore is one of the most famous cafeterias. Almost all the types of snacks and beverages, both hot and cold are available in this shop. People usually come to this place to have a midday snack as well as to get their work done using the free Wi-Fi service provided there. No password is required to gain an access to their network.

7. Guzzlers Inn

Guzzlers In is one of the best places to chill out in Bangalore. Rock music, a large collection of alcohol and tasty grubs are some of the specialties of this place. They also provide a strong and free Wi-Fi service for the guests. Along with a good drink, people can also enjoy a good internet facility while in this pub.

8. Bangalore International Airport

The Bangalore International Airport is one of the most crowded place in Bangalore. A lot of people travel to and from this city by flight. People usually have to wait for some time at the airport to catch their flight. The free Wi-Fi service helps to keep such people engaged and they can also carry on their work. This service is available only for a few hours. People can access this network after providing an authentication through their mobile devices.

9. Starbucks

Starbucks is a famous International coffee shop in Bangalore. Many types of hot and cold beverages along with snacks are available in this shop. Like many other cafeterias in Bangalore, this shop too offers a free Wi-Fi facility. This is one of the best places to hang out in the city and also to connect with the whole world. The guests can connect to this service easily with the help of the Starbucks staff.