Free Wi-Fi Spots in Barcelona

Barcelona is a famous city in Spain. This city is the largest one in Catalonia and also, the capital city. It is one of the most populous cities in Spain. This place is a good tourist spot and has managed to rank well in fields of economics and trade as well. If you are here and want to fetch suitable Free Wi-Fi Spots in Barcelona. Read below:

1. Barcelona’s International Airport

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At the airport, you can access good internet connectivity. The speed is quite high, also you don’t need any password for getting your phone connected.

2. Babelia

This Cafe has been set up away from the city to avoid the hustle bustle of busy life in the city. Here, you can come to relax with your friends and family. This Cafe doubles up as bookshop if you want to lie back and relax with an authentic taste of coffee. If you are not well versed in Spanish, you don't need to worry as there are employees there who will communicate in English. Apart from all this, the best thing which they offer to their customers is free Wi-Fi services. You can stay connected to the internet over your mobile phone or laptops. This cafe is located at Villarroel, 27, 08011 Barcelona. To Get there use Sant Antoni Metro (L2).

3. La Fourmi

Be it lunchtime or evening, it is a good decision to land up to this place. Here you can have a meal and access their free Wi-Fi services. As you get into connection you can use the net for doing any work with no data limitations. 

The address is Carrer de l'Alba, 58 (corner), 08012 Barcelona. To Get there use Fontana Metro (L3), Joanic Metro (L4) and Verdaguer Metro (L4 & L5)

4. Federal Café

This is a cafe where you can taste exotic latte and coffees which will blow off tedious mood. You can get yourself a refreshing coffee and also use free Wi-Fi services which they serve to their customers. You can then access their internet services for free until you are there in their arena. The address of this café is Carrer del Parlament, 39, 08015 Barcelona. To Get there use Sant Antoni Metro (L2) and Poble Sec Metro (L3) 

5. Mama's Café

This place is for food lovers and the ones who have been conscientious about where the food is coming from and what does it contain. They serve fine artisanal and ecological ingredients. Apart from good taste, you can also have good internet connectivity here. They provide free Wi-Fi services for their customers who are allowed to use as much as they can and browse whatever they want to. To experience their services all you need to do to visit Carrer de Torrijos, 26, 08012 Barcelona.