Free Wi-Fi Spots in Berlin

Berlin is a city in Germany amongst the sixteen constituent states. It is also the capital city of the country. The population is favorably quite balanced. It is a famous tourist place for the tourists worldwide. Berlin is known as the city where a blend of culture, media, politics, and science stays. The economy of this city entirely is based on high tech organizations, firms, and companies. Also, the service sector plays a vital role in the economy. There are various tourist spots in Berlin where you can go and have fun. 

For the ones who are currently in Berlin, here is a list of free wifi spots as per which, you can go to a place near and suitable for you.

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1. Starbucks

It is a good place for a coffee lover. They can enjoy exotic taste of coffee with free Wi-Fi connection at the same time. All you need to do is to visit the place and get your phone, laptop or device connected to the Wifi of Starbucks. There is no password requirement for connecting to the network. Also, they provide unlimited access to internet to users and you are allowed to use anything on the web. The address of this place in Berlin is Panoramastr. 1a and Rosenthaler Str 40-41.

2. Goodies

“Goodies” is another restaurant where you can go. It is located at Warschauer str 69. They provide free Wi-Fi services to their customers. The speed is good and unlimited access to the internet is provided. 

3. Hard Rock Cafe Berlin

This is one of most popular cafés in Berlin which is not just known for taste it serves, but Wi-Fi services here are also quite good. You can get yourself connected to their services with no password requirement. They also do not have any such username. As you will reach there, you can access their internet connectivity.

4. CK cae

If you are somewhere near to this café then you have got a good choice for free Wi-Fi connection. It is located at Marienburger Strabe 49. To get connected with their Wi-Fi, you need to use their password which is provided here: esperanza

5. Cafe Feuerbach

Another café in Berlin where you can get service of free Wi-Fi which is located at Schoneberger str 14. To access their Wi-Fi you will have to enter this password: unsergottlob.

6. Hugo Junkers Lounge Berlin Schoenefeld

The ones who are in the mood to enjoy a Lounge ethos can visit here. The atmosphere and the services that they provide to their customers are great. They provide free Wi-Fi to customers with just entering the provided password: GGB10Lounge

The ones who are currently in this city and searching for free Wi-Fi services, need to visit various cafes, restaurants, malls, resorts, hotels etc. But you need to know not all of such public places serve free Wi-Fi services. At many places you will have to pay for internet usage. If you have some plans to visit Berlin and you are addicted to the social networking, make sure that you have these place in your list to stay connected to your friends.