Free Wi-Fi Spots in Bilbao

  • UPDATED Aug 01, 2018

Bilbao is located in the Northern part of Spain which is encircled by green mountains. It is a very densely populated area in the country.  It houses several stunning museums, historical titanium clad buildings. The place beholds splendid landscapes. Several parks, theatres, museums and architectural works enhance the beauty of the location. Bilbao exhibits dashing culture, exotic beaches, classic restaurants all over the city. Bilbao City Council has set a few wifi hotspots for the public to access free internet. Let us explore a few spots in Bilbao where you can access free internet.

1. Bilbao Airport

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Bilbao airport is an international airport located at a few kilometers north to Bilbao city. The terminals are known for its varied sleek designs. The airport offers free wifi services. From the available networks connect to ‘AIRPORT FREE WIFI AENA’. You can complete the registration via email, facebook etc. The login process is very quick and simple and you can also use multiple devices for the same account.

2. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, a museum located at Abando, Bilbao is basically an art museum which comprises of contemporary and modern art forms. It is situated along the riverside of Nervion river. They showcase artworks of Spanish and several international artists. It comprises several rare, important works and is one of the largest museums in Spain. The museum conducts regular exhibitions and it is a must visit spot for art lovers. The Bilbao city council had set up wifi hotspots in the museum. From the list of available networks, connect the network named “BILBAO wifi”. There are no passwords required for this wifi, you can access internet after you complete your registration steps and click agree.

3. Plaza Nueva

Plaza Neuva Square is basically a set of monuments situated at 48005 Bilbao, Vizcaya – Bizkaia. They house a lot of restaurants, bars and have a dynamic atmosphere. They conduct festivals on Sundays where several books, arts, minerals, fossils are exhibited. The Bilbao city council had set up wifi hotspots in the museum. From the list of networks available, connect “ BILBAO wifi”. They don't require any password to access the internet. After you are done with the registration steps you can access the internet.

4. Basilica of Begoña

The Basilica of Begoña is a church located at Biscay, Bilbao. The Basila is open to visitors from 9:00 am. They host several festivals in the month of August and October. The city council had set up wifi hotspot in the basilica. From the list of networks available, connect to “ BILBAO wifi”. They don't require any passwords to access the internet. After you are done with the registration steps you can get connected to the internet.

5. Bilbao Ferry port

Bilbao ferry port is located twenty kilometers from Bilbao city. The spot is widely accessible by car, metro, or other public transportation. The port offers free unlimited wifi. You can connect to the unlimited protected wifi network, in case of any queries you can visit the information desk.

6. Iglesia Cathedral

Iglesia Cathedral is an old church located at Placa de La Constitucio s/n. They have a lot of spectacular statues and impressive concerts are conducted here often. Here too, wifi hotspots are set up by the city council. From the set of available networks, connect to the network named “ Bilbao wifi”. You just have to complete the initial registration process with your email id and other details. Click to agree and you can start browsing or stay connected socially.

7. Etxebarria Park

The Etxebarria Park is one of the largest parks in the city which is located sideways to the hillslopes at Etxebarria Parkea, 48005 Bilbo. It provides breathtaking views of the Abando region. They organize festivals with fireworks and illumination.  As a part of the program by the city council, they provide wifi services. From the list of wifi networks, connect to the network named  “ Bilbao wifi” and you can start browsing the internet.

8. There are various cafes in Bilbao which provide free wifi services like bigots cafe, Baster Bilbao, Beetle Bilbao, opila, cafe le Merced, Bertiz, barcollins, and Starbucks that provide free wifi. You can connect to their networks ( all are open and unlimited ) and stay connected socially.


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