Free Wi-Fi Spots in Bismarck

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The beautiful city of Bismarck which is located on the east bank of River Missouri is the capital of North Dakota. From beautiful lakes to big buildings, the Capital of North Dakota will never fail to amaze you. From beautiful places to amazing restaurants the city is full of thrilling activity and amazing things.

The city also has many places which offer free Wi-Fi to the people and the tourists. Here are the names of few places where you can get your free Wi-Fi Spots in Bismarck.

1. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

One of the most beautiful churches in New Dakota is Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Located in the beautiful place of 106 Osage Ave, Bismarck, USA the Church is the most visited place in the New Dakota Region. With the beautiful natural view and free Wi-Fi, the place is one of the Favorite places of the people. The Free Wi-Fi which can be found in the name of the church is free to be used by any visitor. The Free open Wifi which does not require any password can be accessed as long as a person is in the Church premises. 

2. Bismarck Public Library

Located at 515 N 5th Street, Bismarck the public library is also known as Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library. One can visit the library to read books and do research on various topics. Along with the books the online Library is also available for the readers. 

The Free Wi-Fi which is available in the name of “stagnant” allows the readers to connect their device to the Internet. You can ask for the password in the Helpdesk of the Library and help yourself to connect to the Internet. Use the Internet service of the library to fulfill your needs.

3. The University of Mary

If you are a student and you require free Internet then you can visit the University of Mary which provides free Wi-Fi for the students. Located in Bismarck the university is one of the largest Universities. The Campus Wi-Fi which is named after the University keeps the Wi-Fi open for the students to connect themselves with the Internet. But if you are looking for the Wi-Fi in Students hostel then you will need to get the password from the help desk of the hostel. You can stay connected with the Internet as long as you are inside the campus or inside the hostel. 

4. State Capitol of Bismarck

Located in the heart of the City the State Capitol building provides free Wi-Fi to the people who visit the building. The Wi-Fi which is provided by “STAGnet" allows the people to connect to the Internet without any password. Just find the Wi-Fi signal and connect it to your device and enjoy the free Wi-Fi for as long as you are inside the building.

5. Cathedral of Holy Spirit

The holy Cathedral which is located at 519 Raymond Street is one of the famous cathedrals of North Dakota. If you visit the place you can find the open Wifi inside the Church. You can connect it to your device without any password and enjoy your free Wi-Fi service. You can use the Internet for any amount of time you like.