Free Wi-Fi Spots in Bogota

  • UPDATED Aug 01, 2018

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Bogota, capital of Columbia is one of the largest cities of Columbia and is often known as its beating heart. The vibrant capital has preserved colonial buildings, museums, restaurants, old homes, churches and convents. The energy and engaging vibe of the metropolitan is fueled by its rich culture, heritage, food festivals and fantastic wine. You can choose to take a stroll through the historic district of La Candelaria or go on a refreshing shopping spree on the North Side. No matter what you choose to engage yourself with, you sure will have a great time in the city. And while you enjoy the city in a true Bogota way, you can use some of the free WiFi spots and stay connected with the world. Below are some of them:

1. Hamburguesas El Corral

Hamburguesas is a popular Colombian restaurant chain with more than 200 stores. The chain is known for its popular range of burgers and free wifi. The wifi details can be easily located on the store board, or feel free to ask the server for login details. The network name is Hamburguesas El Corral

2. La Casa De Los Tabares

La Casa De Los Tabares, a popular restaurant in Bogota is located at Centro Comercial Pueblo Viejo, local 2 - Cota - Bogotá. The restaurant is known for fine-dining and exquisite menu. It also has free-wifi services that the customers can avail. The network name is La Casa De Los Tabares and you can get the login details from your server. 

3. Juan Valdez Café

If you always need coffee while you work, this is just the right place for you. The cafe is part of a multinational coffeehouse chain based in Colombia. The chain specializes in coffee retail, so you can be sure you will find here all that you need to work- good coffee and good internet. It is located at Cra.11 No.82-10 - 1r. Piso, Bogota 250055, Colombia. The wifi services are rated good and are free for all their customers. So while you enjoy the delicious cup of Colombian coffee while you also stay connected to the world by using their free wifi services.

4. Diletto

Cafe Diletto is located at Calle 11 # 4-14 | Luis Angel Arango, Bogota, Colombia and serves delicious Italian and Mexican food menu. It is one of the most preferred hotspot for breakfast and you can start your mornings by answering some quick emails through their free wifi services. The server at the cafe can help you with the login details.

5. Embassy Suites Rosales Bogota

Located at an ideal location, Embassy Suites by Hilton Bogota Rosales Hotel offers spacious suites, royal experience with near perfect connectivity to shopping centres, multinational corporations etc. If you don’t want to step out, you can use the guest wifi at the hotel and stay connected to the world. The El Dorado International Airport is also 25 minutes from the hotel, hence making it perfect for you work trips with no hassle of carrying your own hotspot everywhere..

6. Terminal de Transporte de Bogotá

Terminal de Transporte de Bogotá or The Transportation Terminal of Bogotá is the company that manages the intercity and interdepartmental service of buses and taxis in the city of Bogota.It is located at Dg. 23 #69a - 55, Bogotá, Colombia and offers free wifi for the convenience of local travellers. The wifi is open to use and can be accessed without any password.

While its highly recommended to not use any of these public wifi hotspots while you are doing any bank transactions, money transfers or something that puts your online safety at risk.