Free Wi-Fi Spots in Bratislava

  • UPDATED Aug 01, 2018

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Bratislava is a capital city of Slovakia, set along the Danube River and bordered by Austria and Hungary. This city is popular among adventure seekers since it houses lots of mountain area which is ideal for hiking and mountain biking. Those who love wine should definitely pay a visit to this lovely city to enjoy the views and unique wines from their vineyards. This architectural city will amuse its visitors with free Wi-Fi service in many places. They offer free Wi-Fi service or hotspot in most of their restaurants, coffee shop, and bookstore. Let’s explore free Wi-Fi spots in Bratislava.

1. Sladovna

To taste the best beer in Bratislava, ride straight to Sladovna. It is located at Ventúrska 5, 811 01 Staré Mesto, Slovakia. You can enjoy a good beer and tasty food options with exquisite flavors in this beer house. A wide range of draft beer is served here from their domestic Malt Brewery. They serve their creative and unique collection of traditional Slovak beer, Golden Bazaar, Czech Budvar, Irish Guinness, German Paulaner, and Belgian specialties such as La Chouffe and Mc Chouffe to their customers. Along with the best beer they also offer free Wi-Fi to their customers. The visitors can connect to their free network by entering the password “sladovna5”.

2. Bistro Da Vinci

Located at Klariská 325/8, 811 03 Staré Mesto, Slovakia, Bistro Da Vinci was started out as a simple coffee shop and later transformed into an established bistro service along with Italian food menu. They procure their raw materials from the Apennine peninsula. The hand-drawn pizza served here has the taste of an authentic Italian pizza. Named after the famous Leonardo da Vinci, this café includes portraits of many of his works in their premises. This modern café provides their customers with free Wi-Fi service. To connect to their network, contact their help desk to know the details of their network name and duration and use the password “cafedelvia”.

3. Primate's Square

Primate's Square is a famous tourist destination in Bratislava located in the middle of the Old Town of Bratislava between Slovak National Uprising Square and Main Square. It is named after Primate's Palace which is an ancient monument built in 1778. Tourists flock to this place to admire the architectural marvel of this gorgeous palace. Other than this, there are several old buildings such as Old Town Hall and New Town Hall in this area. Bratislava offers free public Wi-Fi in this place. Connect to their free Wi-Fi hotspot and save money on your data card.

4. Mýtny Domček

Mýtny Domček is the perfect place to enjoy cheap food with great taste. Located at Tyršovo nábrežie, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovakia, this restaurant serves the best food menu with local Slovakian flavors. They are also famous for their relaxing drinks such as beer, cider, wine, spirits, tea, and coffee. Enjoying a comfort food by admiring the pleasing views of the Danube, castle, and the cathedral is the best part of this affordable eatery. In addition to their economical dining, they also offer free Wi-Fi to their guests. The visitors can contact the help desk of this eat-out and get the network details and enter the password “asd65444” to connect to their free Wi-Fi.

5. Ludovita Stura Square

Ludovita Stura Square is a historic attraction in Bratislava which is named after Slovak famous writer, Ľudovít Štúr. It is located near the Danube waterfront, between Mostová Street, Rázusův nábreží, and Vajanský nábreží. Architectural buffs can have a good time in this spectacular destination due to the presence of various ancient structures such as Reduta Slovak Philharmonic, the Esterházy Palace, and the Dessewffy Palace. The visitors can avail free public Wi-Fi in this place. Use any Wi-Fi enabled portable device to get connected to their Free Wi-Fi service.

6. Pegas Fitness & Coffee

Located at Vyšehradská 10 85106 Bratislava – Petržalka, Pegas Fitness & Coffee is a lovely place to lose some fat and enjoy amazing coffee. After a tiring work out session, the customers can relax and unwind in the café of this fitness center. Fitness Zone, Cardio Zone, Multifunctional Hall, Vibrating Plate, Solariua m, Nutrition Supplements are some of the notable facilities and services offered here. An expert personal trainer in this gym will create a workout plan for their customers that is tailored to their body. They also provide free Wi-Fi to their visitors. Use the password “zjjjj” to get connected to their free Wi-Fi service.

7. Sky Bar

Sky Bar is a beautiful bar on the rooftop with stunning views of Castle, St. Martin’s Cathedral and Old Town in Bratislava. It is located at Hviezdoslavovo námestie 7, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia. It is an ideal destination to have a wonderful drink before enjoying a rocking night dance. This super stylish bar offers perfect ambiance and soothing mood to their customers. They serve a menu featuring “Modern European” and an “Authentic Thai”.  One should not miss the innovative cocktail and delicious desserts in this bar. The customers can also enjoy free Wi-Fi here. Contact the receptionist to get the Wi-Fi network details of this place. You can use the password “skybarsky” to start using their Wi-Fi facility.