Free Wi-Fi Spots in Brussels

Brussels comprises the central region of Belgium. Since the culmination of the second world war, it has been an epicenter of international politics and houses several international organizations. Brussels is known for its food festivals, chocolate and beer. It is a fantastic tourist spot with beautiful museums, parks, and bars. Let's check out a few free wifi spots in Brussels which travellers can utilize to stay connected with the world.

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1. Brussels airport

Brussels airport is located twelve km from Brussels city center, at Leopoldlaan, 1930 Zaventem. They offer free unlimited wifi services under the network name "Brussels Airport free Wi-Fi." By accepting the mentioned terms and conditions and privacy policy you get directed to the login page, you can just log in with your email id. It helps you to stay connected with the world at ease.

2. Grand place 

The grand place is located in the center of Brussels, and it houses various stunning historical buildings that date back to the seventeenth century. It is located at the Brussels Main Square, Brussels 1000. They offer free wifi services and are also a part of the 'wifi. Brussels' program. From the available networks choose and set up a free account. You will be provided with a username and using which you can get immediate access to internet. 

3. Place Dumon

Place Dumon is located in the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Brussel. It offers a lot of shopping points. It is a recent member of 'wifi. Brussels' program. You have to connect to the network named If you don't have an account , you have to create one with your email, and this account will be valid for one year. The visitors can get access to the internet and stay connected to the world while they shop.

4. Librarium

Librarium or the royal library of Belgium is located in the center of Brussels, on the way to the central square of Brussels. The location is easily accessible by all kinds of public transport. The entry is free and offers a cozy, dim atmosphere to read or write. The librarium provides free wifi. You have to log on to the network to gain access internet while reading. The account creation is indeed a simple task and allows you to access wifi hotspots from various public or indoor locations with ease.

5. Brussels park

 Parc de Bruxelles or the Brussels park is the largest park located in the center of Brussels. You can reach this park via public metro or other private transport. It houses several impressive monuments like the Théâtre Royal du Parc, the,Vauxhall, the wooden kiosk of the Vauxhall, the cast iron bandstand, along with several sculptures and fountains. It is also a member of the Brussels wifi program, and you can gain access to the internet by connecting to and use fast speed internet.

6. Jubilee Park  

It borders the EU quarter and the municipality of Etterbeek. It is named after the fiftieth anniversary of Belgium; the park is designed in a combination of French and British styles. There is this vast triumphal arch which houses two museums on either side. While you enjoy the view, you can connect with the wifi named wifi.Brussels to stay connected with the world.

7. Kanal de Pompidou

Kanal de Pompidou serves as a cultural hub of Belgium, it houses  Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and architecture centre and also has a series of several public art spaces. It is located in the 35.000 sqm of former Citroën garage situated at Yser square. It is said to be the most significant cultural institution of Brussels. It is a recent member of wifi. Brussels, here too you can log on to the network named and stay connected while you enjoy the sights.

8. Mini Europe

Mini Europe is situated at the foot of Atomium at Brupark Brussels 1020 and it is open all days from morning nine thirty to six in the evening. It is one of the places that gives you a unique experience to view one of the most beautiful towns. There are a lot of  restaurants and food joints in the park. To access the internet, log in to the public wifi available named wifi. Brussel and stay connected with the world.