Free Wi-Fi Spots in Bucharest

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Bucharest is in Southern Romania and is the capital of the country. Also it is a cultural financial and industrial centre of Romania along with being the largest city. Its iconic landmark is a huge Palatul Parlamentului government building of the communist era. Not only is it beautiful the expense of visiting the main attractions of the city and having food and drinks is pretty cheap. You will find some of the heaviest building of the world here and also the world's coolest book shops. The city also office you range of free Wi-Fi equipped area where you can live stream your videos, upload your photos and do whatever work you want to do. Here is a list of a few places where not only you can enjoy the tranquility and the serene beauty of the surrounding but also share it with the world through the free Wi-Fi hotspot.

1. Henri Coandă International Airport

The airport of Bucharest is one of the busiest airports in Romania. It is situated at a distance of 16.5 kilometers from the city centre of Bucharest at Calea Bucureştilor 224E, Otopeni. While you are here waiting for your flight, you can use its free wifi to pass your time. Just search for the network and connect to it. You might need to enter your email id for logging on to the network.

2. Tineretului Park

This is a large and lovely park in District 4 of Bucharest. It is a wonderful place to have fun for children as they offer rides, trampolines, dodgems, along with the playground for kids. Telecom Romania has also provided free Wi-Fi in the park. Just look for the open network in the park and click to connect. Remember to enter your email address for logging into the network.

3. Bazilescu Park

At 105, Bucurestii Noi Blvd. Is Bazilescu Park with the area of 13.5 hectares. Its main attraction is the summer theatre which is now used only for keeping the memory of some great days and evenings. However it is still good enough to walk along and take pictures. The park also offers free Wi-Fi since 2014 that can be connected to without password.

4. Zorzini Gallery

It is a very beautiful gallery of contemporary art that houses the work of both emerging and established Romanian Artists. You can take pictures of the great work and uploaded why are the free WiFi offered by the gallery. It is an open network where you do not need a password but you can be prompted to enter a new email ID.

5. Kiseleff Park

Situated at Kiseleff Avenue, this park once used to be a forest. In 1850s, it was turned into a park. It is also been equipped with free Wi-Fi since 2014. So you don't have to worry if you want to get some work done or upload pictures. Just click on the available open Network and enter your email ID for connecting to it.

6. AFI palace Cotroceni

It is a beautiful shopping mall at Bulevardul Vasile Milea 4. Along with cafes and wonderful shopping experience this place also offer you any Wi-Fi with the name AFI Palace Cotroceni. It is a free and open network where you can connect without using the password. The shop and the cafe in the shopping mall have their own Wi-Fi, most of which are password protected. If you want to use Wi-Fi outdoor shots in cafes you can always ask for the password.

7. Moghioros Park

This amazing park is situated in Drumul Taberei. It is an old communist park with a lake and a suspended bridge over it. The park also has free wifi with the network name parcul moghioros. It doesn't need a password to connect. However you might need to enter your email address for connecting.

8. Titan Park

Situated in sector 3, the real name of the park is  Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park. There is a free wifi connection is available on the main alley. It is in the area of the stage. The wifi is also available on the secondary alleys that are surrounding it. The connection has 1Gbps transfer speed. The network name is I love S3 and you need to provide an email address and you can stay connected for 3 hours.

9. Victoriei Square

Victoriei square is a major and important intersection in Central Bucharest. The place has Orange WiFi hotspots that can be used for sending and receiving messages through internet. You can login to the network using a password that arrives via text message.

10. Plaza Romania

Situated at Bulevardul Timisoara 26, it is yet another wonderful Shopping mall in Bucharest.  It has a mall and a hypermarket that can be operated independently when needed. The place also has a free wifi named Plaza Romania. You can login to the network without a password.