Free Wi-Fi Spots in Budapest

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Budapest is one of the largest cities in European Union and a global leader in commerce, fashion, media, art, research and entertainment. It is capital city of Hungary and is one of the most densely populated cities in EU. This city is famed as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and thus attracts huge number of tourists every year. From classic architecture to vibrant culture, this place has it all. In order to facilitate its visitors, this city offers various free WiFi spots so that travelers can easily surf internet and stay updated with the world even during their vacation.

1. Espresso Embassy

Located at Budapest, Arany Janos u. 15, 1051, Hungary, Espresso Embassy is one of the famous coffee shops available in the city. This is an ideal place to relish variety of coffee drinks and complimentary Wi-Fi services as well. Choose their network among the available list and click to connect. One can seek network information from the one who is serving coffee. 

2. Chez Dodo

This patisserie is mainly situated at Budapest, Sas u. 7, 1051, Hungary. This is the best place to savor delicious delicacies and to enjoy wireless internet network. Wi-Fi connection here is quite strong and is available on the complimentary basis. Network details can be fetched from any of the staff members.  Find that network and click to connect so as to establish the secure connection.

3. 9 Bar Coffee

Yet another coffee shop where travelers can enjoy the benefit of wireless connection is 9 Bar Coffee. This place is mainly located at Budapest, Lazar u. 5, 1065, Hungary. Order your favorite coffee and enjoy free wireless internet access for as long as a you want. While connecting to the network, either it will ask you the log in details or password which can be easily fetched from the staff members of this coffee shop. Connection is available throughout the café. 

4. Budapest Ferenc Liszt International airport

Situated at Budapest, 1185, Hungary, Budapest international airport is another good place to enjoy free wireless internet services. The network name is bud:free wifi. In order to use this internet service, travelers need to select this network and enter their email address in the login page. Accept their terms and conditions and start using the Wi-Fi network. 

5. Hai Nam Pho Bistro

If travelers have a desire to satisfy their taste buds with delicious Vietnamese cuisines and to enjoy free internet connection then Hai Nam Pho Bistro might be the perfect choice. This place is situated at Budapest, Oktober Huszonharmadika u. 27, 1117, Hungary. Here, travelers can enjoy high speed Wi-Fi and that too free of cost. Network information can be obtained from one who is serving food. Find the network, click to connect and surf the internet for as long as you want. 

6. Budapest Zoo

Budapest Zoo is one of the oldest zoo parks in the world. This place is located at Budapest, Allatkerti krt 6-12, 1146, Hungary and it is a home to variety of animal species. It is furnished with free wireless internet connection so that visitors can easily connect with the world and can share their photographs and current location as well. It has an open network and travelers can easily connect to the same as soon as they are in range. No password is needed to access the network.

7. Madal Café

Pinpointed at Budapest, Hollan Erno u. 3, 1136, Hungary, this café is a perfect place to enjoy some quality time by savoring hot brewing coffee and accessing free internet connection. One can find the network name MADAL and enter password to connect with the same. This password can be obtained from the one who is serving coffee or any other staff member. 

8. Buddies Burger

Buddies Burger is one of the best sites to enjoy delicious burgers and other snacks. The exact location of this restaurant is Budapest, Magyar u. 52, 1053 Hungary. Here, travelers can find free wireless internet connection so that they surf internet without any data roaming charges. Network details can be obtained from the staff members.

9. Kelet Kavezo es Galeria

Popularly known as Kalet Café, this place is situated at Budapest, Bartok Bela ut 29, 1115 Hungary. Visitors here can order their coffee and connect to their open wireless network for the high speed connection. While connecting to the network, either one can get the log in page or can ask password from any of the staff members. 

10. Kontakt

Last but not the least place where one can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi service while sipping a cup of coffee is none other than Kontakt. It is located at Budapest, Karoly Krt. 22, 1052 Hungary. In order to facilitate guests, this coffee shop offers free internet connection for as long as the guest wants. One can know the network name from the waiter or any other staff member and click to connect the same.