Free Wi-Fi Spots in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is a big cosmopolitan city. At its heart stands Plaza de Mayo along with some buildings from 19th century. It is the most populous city of Argentina. It offers a good quality life and is the most visited city in South America. It makes you feel alive. You won't want to stop clicking pictures of the place. And you can upload them using the free wifi at these places-

1. Ciudad Cultural Konex

When you are in Buenos Aires and you want to experience the thrill of its nightlife, Ciudad Cultural Konex is where you go. Situated at Sarmiento 3131, it is the cultural centre of Buenos Aires. You can find the access to its free wifi with the name anonymous. For connecting enter the password that is same as the name of the network, i.e. anonymous. You are now good to share the videos online instantly without spending a dime of your own.

2. Aeroparque Jorge Newbery

This is the airport of Buenos Aires with 138 hectares of area covered under it. Also, it is the tenth busiest airports in South America. While waiting on the terminals here, you can access the free wifi for passing your time. You can stream a movie, watch video or read over Internet Without spending anything. Just look for the network name ‘Aeroparque Jorge Newbery’ and connect. You don’t even need a password to connect to the network.

3. Museo De Arte Latinoamericano 

Located in 3415 Figueroa Alcorta Avenue, it is a fine museum that displays Latin American artwork, films and cultural events from 20th century and later. Here you can also access its free wifi that has the network name same as the museum. So, just look for the network with the name museo de arte latinoamericano or Malba and click to connect. You don’t need any password for logging into the network.

4. Hipodromo argentino de palermo

Hipodromo argentino de palermo is the event venue of Buenos Aires and is very popular for horse racing in Argentina. It has 2,400 meters of track that is suitable for racing in all weather conditions. You can access the free wifi services here and upload the pictures and videos of the events. Find the network with the same name as the place and just click to login. No password is required for joining the network

5. Estacion coronel F Lynch 

This is a train station at Sáenz Peña, Buenos Aires. From here you can find trains to almost everywhere around Argentina. The station is nicely maintained and has an up to date schedule of the running status of all the trains. You can also check the status of your tain online at the free wifi network that it offers with the name same as the station. You don’t need the password to login. Just connect to the network and find what information you are looking for. 

6. Sarmiento park

Situated at 4750, Ricardo Balbin Avenue, this one of the traditional parks in Buenos Aires. This 70 hectare park was inaugurated in 1981. The expense of making the park came up to 25 million dollars then and every year it receives approximately 2 million visitors.  Ir has received its free wifi network with the same name as the park after 2012. You don't need a password for connecting to the network.

7. Centenario Park

This extensive public park is located at C1414 Diaz Velez Avenue of Caballito district of Buenos Aires. This 25 acres park has a fountain in the middle. It has a lot of place that is perfect for getting some amazing pictures. You can also share these images through its free wifi service with the network name centenario. And it is not password protected. So, you can just click and connect to the network.

8. Chacabuco Park

The park obtained its name from the battle of Chacabuco. In 1903, city ordinance passed the idea of constructing 50 acres of park here. In 1911, it received a number of athletic grounds like tennis court, swimming pool, running tracks and bocce court. In 2012, it also received a free wifi network that is open for connection. Just search for the network named Chacabuco and connect without password.

9. Indoamericano

This is the second biggest park in the city with 320 acres of stretch. It is situated in the villa Lugano and Soldari neighborhoods of Bueno Aires. It also has free wifi service with the name of the network same as the park. You can connect to it without a password.

10. Caminito

Caminito is a pedestrian plaza at La Boca. It has a traditional alley and a street museum. Since it inspired the famous tango Caminito, it acquired a cultural significance. It gives you a range of options to click pictures from. You can also upload them with the free wifi service the plaza offers. The name of the network caminito. It's an open network so you don't need a password to login in to it.