Free Wi-Fi Spots in Canberra

Being the capital city of Australia , Canberra is the largest inland city and the 8th largest city overall.The city is located at the northern end of the Australian Capital Territory . The name of the city is claimed to be derived from the word Canberry which means " meeting place " . Let's explore about the free Wi Fi spots of the city to see if they carry on with the legacy of the name  " Canberra " :

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1. Canberra theatre

The Canberra Theatre Centre is the Australian Capital Territory central performing arts venue and Australia's first performing arts centre . It opened on 24th June ,1965 .

The CBRfree WiFi is installed at the Canberra Theatre Centre . The CBRfree WiFi is one of Austalia's largest free outdoor public WiFi networks. It provides users with access upto 250 megabytes per day .


EPIC is exhibition park in Canberra which organises exhibitions , conferences and events. Located at Flemington Road and Northbourne Avenue , people can easily avail the internet access.

3. Visitor's Centre 

To all your problems , Canberra's Visitor's Centre and tourist information hotspot is the perfect solution . If you are in the middle of Canberra and want to go for a visit but not having tickets , the visitor's centre free WiFi is a all time saviour.

4. Stromlo Forest Park

Stromlo Forest Park is a world -class multi use recreational sporting facility available to both recreational and professional users. Stromlo Forest Park is part of the free WiFi network. You simply need to check the CBR logo on your device , accept the terms and conditions and you can just enjoy whatever you want to.

5. Tuggeranong Southern Cross Stadium

The Tuggeranong Southern Cross Stadium is a principal club in the Basketball ACT competition , it enters teams in ACT men's , women's and junior competitions . Also , this stadium is a centre for the training of many basketball players as basketball is a year round sport. People in the Stadium can access the free public WiFi Network . Not only in the stadium but also if you are in library and reading books , you can access the free WiFi.  It can also be accessed in the area of Community Centre plus parkland bounded by Cynthia teague Crescent. There are total more than 12 hotspots over this stadium which allows users to download 250 megabytes/day.

6. Belconnen Arts Centre

Belconnen Arts Centre is a place to celebrate , to do creative journeys and make memories. The place presents a range of arts practice . There are many events , exhibitions and classes for kids that this place holds. And to add-on more , this place has a free WiFi too that makes all these a bit easy . You can access the free WiFi and can enjoy your time at Belconnen Arts Centre.

7. The Criterion Cycling Stadium

The Criterion Cycling Stadium is one of the best and popular cycling stadium . With too many events and competition round the year , it also offers the people a free WiFi facility. Users can access it through password provided.

8. Gungahlin Town Centre

Gungahlin is a suburb in the Canberra. The Marketplace in the Gungahlin Town Centre offers free WiFi. You can enjoy free WiFi over there . To connect you just need to ensure that WiFi is enabled on your device and simply select " MarketplaceGungahlin"

9. ACTION Buses

The ACTION bus network serves Canberra by linking residential areas to major centres. The timetable of the buses are available on the Transport Canberra Website. The most special thing these ACTION buses offer is free WiFi . You can access the free WiFi by using the password provided.

10. Botanical Gardens

The Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG) are located in Canberra and are administered by the Australian Government's Department of the Environment and Heritage. Visitors can now access the free WiFi, no matter they are under the eucalypts or among the lizards. The internet access is due to a partnership between Parks Australia and the ACT government's CBRfree WiFi network.