Free Wi-Fi Spots in Cannes

Cannes is a beautiful city which is located on French Riviera. This is city is the venue for various national and international film festivals. The economy of this city is vitality of the country. It has managed to get attention in fields of tourism, trade, aviation and business affairs. This city is home for more than 6000 companies. This city is technically and digitally secures good grades. 

There are more than 92 Wi-Fi connections in various restaurants, coffee shops, fast food centers, hotels and airports in Cannes where you can get free Wi-Fi connection.

If you are visiting this place or are currently there in search of suitable Free Wi Fi Spots In Cannes then here is the list of few spots where you can visit to get free internet connectivity.

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1. Cannes international airport

This is the most optimum place to get internet connectivity. All you have to do is to look their connectivity point name on your mobile phones or laptops. Then with one step confirmation you will be connected to high speed internet. You can access their internet for doing anything on internet and unlimited access is provided.

2. Plage Royale

This is place has good internet connection enabled for users. The ones who are near this address i.e. Boulevard de la Croisette can prefer going to this place for free Wi-Fi. To get access to their service all you will first have to search their network and enter the password. After which you will get permission to use Wi-Fi. The password is jujujuju.

3. Le Voilier

One of the suitable places to land on to get good internet connectivity services over Wi-Fi. This place serves free Wi-Fi to the ones who visit, with unlimited access. There is no password required in order to get connected. The address of this store is boulevard de la Croisette.

4. McDonald's 

Food lovers, you can go and get to eat here with good speed net connection at the same time. This restaurant is one of the most reputed ones and services which they provide are highly admirable. The address of this destination is 2 Rue Félix Fauré. Go get there and stay connected to high speed internet until you are there. You can get your mobiles, i phones, blackberries or laptops connected.

4. Boutique Orange

This is a boutique where you can visit if you want to get internet services. All you will have to do is to search this network on your device and without any password you will be able to access their internet. This place is at: 28 Rue d'Antibes. Point name is Boutique Orange and no certain network name there.