Free Wi-Fi Spots in Cartagena

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Cartagena, known as Cartagena de Indias in the Colombian era is located in the South-eastern region of Spain. Popularly known as the queen of the Caribbean coast, Cartagena is the city of romance and legendary beauty. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Cartagena’s old town is a maze of alleys and balconies covered with beautiful bougainvillea. Eat the delicious Caribbean food, cast yourself away in the tropical city or hang out around the high rise hotels and beach clubs in new town. Cartagena has all the reasons to seize you in its spell, but the excellent connectivity to the world through free wifi hotspots will come to rescue everytime you need the internet. Below are some of the free-hotspot located in Cartagena.

1. Juan Valdez Cafe

The thirteen locations of the cafe that serves delicious pastries combined with coffee is exactly what you need when you have to cut away from the Cartagena beauty and indulge in some serious work. Enjoy the delicacies and the free wifi from the cafe while you use the internet. You can easily ask the login details from the cafe staff as they are helpful and treat the guests well.

2. Malagana Cafe & Bar

Malagana Cafe & Bar remains as one of the most popular night hotspots for localites as well as for travellers. Order yourself some mocktail, enjoy the pleasingly homely ambience and download using their free wifi service. The cafe is run by two sisters and their mother that are always warm and welcoming towards the guest. You visit them more than once, and maybe they will also remember your name. The hospitality is kind and the wifi is as good as you need it to be. Feel free to ask the staff to help you with the wifi password. The cafe is located at 45, Cra. 10 #31, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia  and only opens during the night.

3. Cooperacion Espanola

Spanish State Agency created COOPERACION ESPANOLA as management body for Spain's international development cooperation policy. It is located at Cl. 36 #2-74, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia and acts as a training center for the Spanish Cooperation.

Enter the historic courtyard of the converted church and go to the library. You can enjoy it's air conditioned halls and and access the wifi. You don’t need to spend a dime and you can discover some interesting books, learn basic spanish and use the fairly good internet for your work.


ABACO or Abacus Book and Coffee is located at Cl. 36 #3-86, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia. A books and coffee store right in the heart of the city and what more can you need! This is all that you need to spend a good day, but they also have free and surprisingly fast wifi for you to indulge in some work or take some quick downloads.

5. Cartagena Airport

Free wifi is available at the Cartagena Airport and can be accessed by connecting to the Sacsa Gratis  network. Free WiFi through the Sacsa Gratis network is available inside the gates, but not in the check-in area. However, there is one spot just outside the international gate where you can connect to the Free WiFi network. The Sacsa Gratis network is accessible in the far back corner to the right of the international gates.

There are hundred of cafes that are now offering free wifi hotspots for their customers, ensure that you ask before ordering food in case you are expecting to finish the work using the wifi. You should also make sure that you do not use the public wifi hotspots to do any personal bank transactions, money transfers or anything that will put your digital privacy at risk.