Free Wi-Fi Spots in Charlotte

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Charlotte is a famous tourist destination located in the US State of North Carolina. It is also known as the 17th most populated city in the United States. A lot of travelers from across the globe visit this fast-growing city in the US. The humid sub-tropical climate of this city is preferred by almost all the people. There are a number of tourist attractions in and around Charlotte. Below-mentioned are some of the prominent free Wi-Fi hotspots available in this city. This will ease off the worries of all the tourists regarding a reliable internet connection.

1. Salud Beer Shop

Travelers are usually worried about the internet connection during their travel. The Salud Beer Shop is one of the prominent shops in Charlotte which provides free Wi-Fi facility for the guests. Along with a large collection of beer, people can also access the internet free of cost. No password is required to gain access into this network.

2. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts is a famous coffee and baked goods chain in America. A lot of hot and cold beverages are also available in this shop. This is one of the best places in Charlotte where the tourists can enjoy a midday snack along with a free Wi-Fi service. No password needs to be entered to access their network. People do not have to worry about the internet connection as long as they are in this shop. 

3. The Capital Grille

With an awe-inspiring architecture and the most scrumptious dishes, The Capital Grille is a famous restaurant in Charlotte. The dry steaks and other dishes served here are so well-known that people from across the globe visit this place. The yet another advantage for the visitors here is the free Wi-Fi service provided by the restaurant. The internet facility available here is not password protected and is accessible for all the guests.  

4. Charlotte Marriott City Center

Situated on the West Trade Street, Charlotte, the Charlotte Marriott City Center is one of the best hotels in the city. Along with cozy and luxury rooms, a free Wi-Fi facility is provided for all the guests at this hotel. Once checked in, the visitors get access to a good internet connection. The access to all events happening around the world is just a one click away at this hotel.

5. NoDa Brewing Company

People who love to have a tour around America’s finest breweries will definitely prefer this place. With a simple barroom, which overlooks a local brewery and live music this is one of the most preferred breweries in Charlotte. They also provide a free Wi-Fi service for all the guests. Without any restrictions or password, all the visitors can equally enjoy the brewery tour and the best wines. 

6. Amelie’s French Bakery

Amelie’s French Bakery located in Charlotte is one of the best bakeries available in the city. They serve different types of baked food items and beverages. While visiting this bakery, the tourists can also access the internet using the free Wi-Fi service provided to them. This bakery is open 24/7. Hence, people can have a snack at any time here and also can connect with the world. No password is required to use this network. 

7. Viva Chicken Elizabeth Avenue

Yet another location in Charlotte, where people can dine while doing their work is at the Viva Elizabeth Avenue. This restaurant serves the most delicious Peruvian delicacies such as rotisserie chicken, street sandwiches, plantains, etc. They also provide a good Wi-Fi facility for the guests. The internet service available here is free of cost and the guests do not need any password to enter into the network. 

8. South Park

South Park is a shopping mall in Charlotte from where people can get almost everything and anything they need. Along with shopping, they can also enjoy the free Wi-Fi service provided in this shop. They can gain access into this network without using any password. Many people visit this shop to do their work when their loved ones shop for the necessary items. 

9. Spectrum Center

Spectrum Center is an indoor arena where basketball, professional wrestling, concerts, and many other shows are conducted every year. One of the main perks of attending a show or any other event here is that people can connect with the world or their work even in the middle of the game. The Spectrum Center provides a strong Wi-Fi service which does not require any password. 

10. The Punch Room

The Punch Room is a cozy, luxurious, and intimate bar 37-seater bar located in Charlotte. People will get all types of cocktails, high-concept punches in this bar. While enjoying a drink, people can also log in to their work or browse the internet for any other purposes. This is not a password protected Wi-Fi service and is also free of cost.