Free Wi-Fi Spots in Chicago

  • UPDATED Aug 01, 2018

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Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States of America. The city is an international hub for commerce, finance, technology, communication, and industries. The city has a great cultural history and many recognized government, and commercial institutions. Chicago is also rich in cultural heritage and art tradition with several museums, operas, and theatres functioning. Now, many places in the city offer free wi-fi to their travelers for an unlimited time. Below is a list of free Wi-fi spots in Chicago.

1. Millennium Park

The Millennium Park is a beautiful public park in Chicago located at 201 E Randolph St, Chicago. The park is a lovely destination with a collection of various sculptures, architectures, and garden. People both locals and tourist come here and can enjoy the free Wi-fi service provided by SilverIP with no requirement for a password. 

2. The Art Institution of Chicago

The famous and one of the oldest art institution is located in Chicago’s Grant Park. The institution plays a crucial role in educating young artists and scholars. Tourist can have access to the museum’s free Wi-fi service and can enjoy watching over 300,000 artworks. There are reports that the Wi-fi network is password protected now. So, tourist can get the password information from the museum’s helpdesk.

3. Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry is located at 5700 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago. This Museum is yet another one of the best and most important science and industry museum in the country. They provide free Wi-fi under the network ‘MSI Guest’ and there is no password needed only tourist or locals must enter their respective email address to activate the free Wi-fi.

4. Revolution Brewing 

The Revolution Brewing is a fantastic place for the beer lovers. They provide a free tour of the brewery. The taproom has access to free Wi-fi with the password “hoppy.” They are one of the best in Chicago with great atmosphere and provide an excellent service.

5. United Center

The United Center is located at 1901 W. Madison St, Chicago. It is one of the largest indoor sports arenas, home to Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks. Each year the United center hosts several sports events. Yes, they do offer free Wi-fi under “United Center free Wi-fi.” There is no such need for a password. Tourist and sports lovers can enjoy the unlimited usage of internet.

6. Chicago Cultural Centre

The Chicago Cultural Centre is a popular tourist destination in Chicago, which is situated at 78 E Washington Street. Hundreds of visitors come every year to attend cultural events, musicals concerts, art shows and architectural tours. The Chicago Cultural Centre offers free Wi-fi in the public location of the Cultural Centre, and the network name is “Wiz.” 

7. Chicago Union Station 

The Chicago Union Station is the primary historical railway station owned by the Amtrak. The architectural Great Hall is majestic. It is amazing that the station offers free Wi-fi services to their passengers. The hotspots are now accessible under the title “Metra Wi-fi.” 

8. Chicago’s Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium is a great place to go with your family during the weekend morning. Let your kids know about astronomy and astrophysics. The museum is situated at 1300 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago. They host numerous shows and events about the space. Also, the museum is an educational institution that helps the young explorers and kids by providing them various educational programs. Visitors can enjoy free wireless internet access in Adler Planetarium by connecting to the network name “Adler Universe,” and the good thing about it is they don’t require any password. 

9. Bridgeport Coffee company

A fantastic coffee shop located at 3101 S Morgan St, Chicago. They have earned their reputation through their excellent service and great food. They not only are the best coffee roaster but a beautiful place for a sweet tooth. Visitors enjoy great coffee with access to free Wi-fi without a password.

10.  O’Hare International Airport

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the USA. It has unlimited access to free Wi-fi throughout all the terminals. Visitors are needed to select either “Boingo Hotspot” or “_Free_ORD_Wi-fi” from your mobile phone settings or laptop network preference menu.