Free Wi-Fi Spots in Columbia

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The City in South Carolina, Columbia is one among those beautiful places to visit that you should not miss out on at any cost. The alluring natural beauty and the historical background of the place makes the city a special one.

The city, however, makes the travelers feel like being at home in many ways. Not only the locals are hospitable, but also things like free Wi-Fi make it a better place to be. And if you are looking for places where you can find free Wi-Fi, then here are the places for you.

1. DC Public Library Locations

In Columbia, you will find free Wi-Fi connectivity in all kinds of DC Public Library locations. These Wi-Fi connections are fast, and you can easily get connected to the world of internet. All you need to do is open your network connection and view the list of available wireless networks. Click on available networks and you are good to go.

2. Columbia Public Library 

The Columbia Public Library in Columbia offers public and free Wi-Fi network to its visitors. So now you can simply read books, browse books online or get in touch with your loved ones at home via internet. All you must do is log into their Wi-Fi connection and accept their terms and conditions of use before you proceed with the service. Do not forget to check the box agreeing to their terms. If you face any difficulties using the same, take help from the webmaster, staff member or the director of the library. The address – 24 South 6th Street, Columbia, PA 17512.

3. Richland Library and Columbia Museum of Art

When you are at Columbia, visiting these two places is a must. The Columbia Museum of Art and Richland Library has recently teamed up to provide free Wi-Fi connections to its visitors. In order to get connected, simply open your network settings and choose “RichlandLibrary_FreeWi-Fi” and you are good to go. The address – 1431 Assembly St. Columbia, SC 29201.

4. University of South Carolina Library 

Another amazing place to find free Wi-Fi connection in Columbia is the University of South Carolina Library. Just get inside the premises and open your network. You will find a list of open networks and you can simply add the network on your phone. The address – 910 Sumter St Columbia, SC 29208.

5. Mezza Lebanese Bistro and Hookah Lounge 

Take a deep breath and get yourself a bit of time to relax and have fun. The Mezza Lebanese Bistro and Hookah Lounge is the place where you can enjoy tasty food, smoke up a little and enjoy the evening. The best part, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi. The address, 701 Gervais St Columbia, SC 29202.