Free Wi-Fi Spots in Columbus

Columbus is a beautiful City and is also the Capital City for Ohio State – US. The city is a hub for gardens, parks, rivers, walkways, fountains and much more. When at Columbus, you may get to enjoy the perfect blend of nature and modern civilization. The city is widespread over a vast area and has a lot of public places like River banks, Scotio River, String Parks, musical fountains, public libraries, science center, museum, and planetarium. These are also the places where you can access free WiFi connectivity for unlimited time. While enjoying your privacy you can also get connected to the internet for free via WiFi open network.

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1. North Market

If you enjoy shopping, music, food, and crowd, then North market is the ideal place for you to visit. The Market is located in the City center at Spruce Street no. 59, Ohio Columbus. The place is accessible from morning to late nights and so is the Wi-Fi connection. You may not need to request a password as Wi-Fi network is available for free and can easily be connected. You can enjoy with your friends, chatting on the social network and purchasing fashion accessories at North Market at the same time.

2. Columbus Downtown

This is the busy part of the City and you may find a lot of highly rated hotels including Hampton Inn and Suites. The place is located at 501 N High Street, Columbus OH. When at this place you may have many reasons to stay here for hours like Breweries, Museum, Posh arena, Zoo, Aquarium, University, college campus and much more. When traveling here you may find access to free Wi-Fi that is offered by different service providers. Some of them including Hampton Inn offers the internet connectivity for unlimited time. To get started you just need to search for the network and get connected without a password.

3. German Village

When in Columbus, you certainly can’t miss visiting 3rd Street German Village Starbucks. The place is located at 650 3rd Street, Columbus OH. The café is also famous for its German blend tea and coffee flavors. When at 3rd Street, you get to enjoy Wi-Fi connection for free. You don’t have to request for a password as the service is offered by the café for free to all of its visitors. The place is best for accessing internet at your own privacy enjoying your cup of coffee and cookies.

4. Krogers Bistro

The place is a famous restaurant that is located at 150 W Sycamore Street Columbus. The restaurant is already famous for its best cuisine, coffee, and other dishes. The place is also frequently visited by office going visitors every morning for their refreshing coffee cup. The place offers with free Internet access via Wi-Fi network and you may not need to request for a password to access it on your mobile device or laptop. Just search for the network and get connected to use it for free while having your coffee.

5. Sunny Street

When shopping or walking through the busy streets, in Columbus, there are a number of places where you can access pen Wi-Fi networks legally. Sunny street located at 277 W Nationwide Blvd. is one such Wi-Fi hot spots where you can access internet connection for free. There is no time restriction as you can access it from morning to late night. The streets café arena can be accessed from morning till night and so you can stay connected to the free Wi-Fi service on your mobile devices. The place is also a hub for most Internet lovers and college goers. You may not need to enter any password as the network is open for anyone to stay connected.

6. Arena District

When at Arena District you can access Wi-Fi connectivity for free at 339 N Fmt Street. The Arena district is famous for its natural coffee blend, espresso flavors, and Free Internet connection. So if you are looking around for checking with your early morning emails then you can simply relax at the café and enjoy your best espresso flavor roast coffee with hot baked cookies and Wi-Fi connection. You can request for the network name and other login credentials on arrival at the café. The owners have not restricted the time for staying connected but only till you are enjoying your coffee.