Free Wi-Fi Spots in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and a popular tourist destination for its Nordic beauty. The city is culturally and historically prosperous and economic center of Denmark. Needless to say, a beautiful city to visit, to know Nordic history and their tradition. There are plenty of places where visitors may get Free Wi-Fi connection. Let’s find the list below of free Wi-Fi spots in Copenhagen.

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1. Torvehallerne

An amazing place if you want to enjoy Danish local vegetables, fresh fish, and other fresh produce food products. It is situated near Norreport Station and a wonderful place to walk around while shopping. You can also use the Internet which comes under the name “Guest WIFI,” and the password is “internet.”

2. Mikkeller Bar

Mikkeller bar is run by the famous brewer Mikkel Borg Bjergso. His breweries are spread around Europe and are among the best breweries in the world. You would definitely love to come here for their eccentric beer and not only this they also offer free Wi-Fi under “Carlsbergfreezone.”

3. Kongens have

Kongens Have is the oldest and most visited park of Copenhagen, Denmark. You can see the park full with beautiful flowerbeds during the summer. It is a very calm and peaceful place which is established in the Renaissance style by Christian IV. The fantastic garden does offer free Wi-Fi too around the year. There is no password requirement for internet access.

4. Paludan Bogcafe

Paludan Bogcafe is a buzzing and affordable cafe which is located at Fiolstraede, 10, 1171, Kobenhavn, Denmark. If you love to read, you can come here select a corner and with a mug of delicious coffee start reading. You need Internet? Yes, you can get free Wi-Fi connection too in the cafe. For password details, you can seek help from the cafe front desk, they are very helpful.

5. Det Kongelige Bibliotek- Den Sorte Diamant

It is the national library of Denmark, and it is amongst the most extensive library in the world. An ideal and quiet place to indulge in a book reading for hours. It has every book you want, and the best thing is the library offers free Wi-Fi internet connection to everyone. It is advisable to ask the library front desk if you need any help regarding device Wi-Fi connection settings.

6. Statens Museum for Kunst

Statens Museum of Kunst is the National Gallery of Denmark hosting several exhibitions and workshops. They represent the Danish and Nordic art to the world. The museum has an art collection of more than 700 years. The Wi-Fi connection they have is under “SMK Guest” with no password. You can have unlimited fun knowing the history of art with access to the internet.

7. Rundetarn

Rundetarn is a 17th-century ancient tower located in Central Copenhagen. It has a historical significance and now a prime tourist attraction spot. It is an excellent place for a weekend visit with family. The tower is 34 meters tall with remarkable spiral walk. Inside the tower, there is a library which contains a considerable collection of books. Apart from all this, they have the facility of free Wi-Fi usage for the visitors. For more detail, Wi-Fi information one needs to visit the helpdesk.

8. National Museum of Denmark

The National Museum of Denmark is a must tourist visiting the place. It is the most significant cultural and historical museum in Denmark. They exhibit a great collection of Danish tradition and prehistoric items. The museum is notable for their preservation of the Nordic culture and dictated art throughout the pre-historic ages. Free Wi-Fi is available within the museum range for the visitor to use. There is no need for a password as per the reports. It is an outstanding educational museum.

9. The Laundromat Cafe

The laundromat cafe is a friendly cafe that serves not only great food but also there is free Wireless Internet connection that guest love to use when they are here. The name of the cafe itself makes sense “laundry.” The idea of combining laundry with socializing is something very unique and new. Their Wi-Fi connection is super fast, so it attracts more people in the cafe. Also, there is no password needed for Wi-Fi connection.