Free Wi-Fi Spots in Frankfort, Kentucky

Frankfort (Kentucky) happens to be one of the well renowned tourist destinations. Several people pay a visit to the place on a regular basis. It is well renowned that the demand for internet is enhancing manifolds these days. There are a wide array of places where you can access internet absolutely free of cost. Here is a list of the places which offer access to WiFi without costing a single penny:

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1. Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe

Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe is situated at 235 W Broadway St (btwn St. Clair & Lewis St), Frankfort. It has earned a high popularity as one of the leading WiFi spots in Frankfort (Kentucky). People prefer spending an ample amount of time at the place as they access internet here. As the cafe offers complimentary WiFi to the visitors, they have made this cafe one of their favorite hangout places. If you do not figure out how to access WiFi here, you can take the assistance of Help Desk.

2. Kentucky Knows

Kentucky Knows contributes to being one of the most popular WiFi spots in Frankfort (Kentucky). You can reach the destination at 337 W Broadway St, Frankfort, KY. You are sure to have a great time as you spend time with your friends in the place. You will be able to get access to free internet as soon as you reach the place. You can enjoy free internet at super speed while enjoying delicious food here. You do not need any password in order to get access to this WiFi. If you are confused how to use free internet here, walk to the help desk.

3. Casa Fiesta

Casa Fiesta happens to be one of the leading tourist destinations in Frankfort (Kentucky). With time, it has also become the favorite hangout destination for people. They spend several hours with their friends in this cafe. One of the most popular reasons owing to which people love to spend hours in the place is due to the fact that they offer complimentary WiFi. You are sure to enjoy your time to the fullest while tapping in free WiFi. If you do not have the an idea about accessing free WiFi, contact the helpdesk. 

4. Mami Monchita's

Mami Monchita’s is recognized to be one of the well-renowned WiFi spots in Frankfort (Kentucky). You can tap into free WiFi while rejoicing in different dishes here. Thus, this place allows you to enjoy your favorite movie while relishing in mouth watering cuisines. This is one of the worth mentioning reasons why people love to spend an ample amount of time with their friends and families here. Those who are not familiar with the network of the place can take the help of help desk here. The place is situated at 610 Ridgeview Dr, Frankfort.

5. Panera Bread

If you are looking for the free WiFi spots in Frankfort (Kentucky), you can spend some time here. You are sure to love the free and complimentary WiFi in the place. People love to hang out with their friends more often here. If you are willing to pay a visit to the place, you can do so at 101 Westridge Drive, Frankfort.  You will be amazed to browse the free internet in the place at an ultra high speed. If you are not aware how to access free WiFi, contact the help desk.