Free Wi-Fi Spots in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is considered as the business as well as financial center of Germany. It is the biggest city in the state of Hesse. Frankfurt houses the European Central Bank and the German Stock Exchange. Frankfurt city has a combination of fantastic skyscrapers to well maintained historical buildings. It has splendid museums, theatres, and operas. The city has quite a lot of tall buildings in the city centre that form the Frankfurt skyline. It is one of the few cities in the European Union to have such a skyline and because of it Frankfurt is referred to as Manhattan by the Germans.

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1. Skyline Plaza

Skyline Plaza is located at Europa-Allee 6 at the western part of Frankfurt. It comprises a shopping mall of more than hundred shops and restaurants and also a congress center. The visitors can use the wifi facilities to stay connected to the world while they shop. You have to connect to the network named 'skyline Plaza,' and enjoy unlimited internet surfing for a time period of  two hours.

2. Frankfurt airport

Frankfurt Airport is in fact the fourth busiest airport in Europe. It is located in the Southwest of central Frankfurt at 60547 Frankfurt. Frankfurt airport offers free unlimited internet. There are nearly three hundred wifi terminals that offer free access. From the given networks, select the network named "Frankfurt-Airport" hotspot. After entering your email address and check for agree to the terms and conditions box and stay connected to the world while you travel.

3. Deutsche National bibliothek

It is also called as the German national library which is, in fact, a national bibliographical center. It is located at Frankfurt am Main,Leipzig, Germany.  The library provides free wifi to the visitors. You can click on the library wifi, it does not require a password. This helps you to stay connected with the world while reading your favourite books.

4. Main tower

The “Main Tower” is fifty-six story skyscraper which is located in the “Innenstadt district” of Frankfurt, Germany. It is located near “Main river”, after which it is named. It is one of the tallest buildings in Germany.  You can use an express elevator to reach the top of this building, and this will help you see all the major landmarks and enjoy the beautiful skyline. While enjoying the views, you can connect to the world by using the free wifi in the main tower. From the available networks, connect to the network named ' The cloud ' and stay connected. The network does not require a password.

5. Stadel museum

Stadel Museum is an art museum which houses the best collections in Germany. The museum displays hundreds of paintings, drawings, and sculptures. This museum is located at Schaumainkai 63, 60596 Frankfurt. It offers free wifi to its visitors.  From the available networks, connect to the network named “Stadel_WiFi,”. They don't need any password and you can connect to this open network.

6. My Zeil

My Zeil is a shopping mall that is located in the center of Frankfurt at OGU-Bahn Station Hauptwache, 60313 Frankfurt. The seventy-seven thousand square meter structure has a fluid shape and comprises shops, kid areas, fitness centers and parking areas. This shopping location offers free wifi, so you can always tap on the network named “My Zeil “ from the available networks and connect easily to this open network.

7. Messe Frankfurt

The exhibition grounds are located in the heart of Frankfurt, and it is one of the largest exhibition grounds worldwide with a huge hall having an area of nearly four lakh meter square. The venue is well connected by air, rail, and other public transportation. The organizer provides free wifi to the visitors. From the available networks, connect to 'Hotspot Messe Frankfurt' by logging with your email id and enjoy free internet browsing.

8. Frankfurt Hahn airport

Frankfurt Hahn airport is an international airport located a hundred kilometers from the city of Frankfurt, and Frankfurt Hahn is, in fact, a small airport that primarily serves low-cost European carriers. The airport provides free wifi services for 1 hour. You can use on the services to stay connected to the world while you travel.