Free Wi-Fi Spots in Hanover

Hanover is a town situated along the Connecticut River in New Hampshire, United States. With a population of approximately 11,260, this town is rated as the “sixth best city to live” in the US by many famous magazines such as the CNN. This town is also famous for many educational institutions and tourist attractions. Moreover, there are many free W-Fi spots in Hanover which help all the people to stay connected with whatever is happening in and around the world. Some of the prominent free Wi-Fi spots are listed below.

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1. Howe Library

Howe Library is the public library located on the South Street, Hanover which has the potential to keep all the book lovers thoroughly entertained. Along with a large collection of books written by different authors from all around the world, they also hold programs like book discussions, weekly programs for kids, and so on. In addition to these facilities, a free and unrestricted Wi-Fi facility is also provided for all the guests in this library. 

2. India Queen

This is a traditional Indian restaurant located in Upper Valley, Hanover. The guests can either dine-in or request for a delivery. Throngs of people visit this restaurant to taste delicious Indian dishes. To sweeten the pot, they also provide a free Wi-Fi facility for all the guests who choose to dine there. Catching up with the work is very easy for the people who dine in this restaurant. No password is required to access their strong Wi-Fi network. 

3. Five Olde Tavern and Grille

Five Olde Tavern and Grille is yet another place in South Royalton, Hanover with free Wi-Fi facility. People who choose to dine here will get the opportunity to enjoy a great ambiance and the most scrumptious dishes. This Wi-Fi facility is not password protected and can be used by all the guests while having a snack.  

4. Boloco

Located on the South Main Street, Hanover, Boloco is yet another location with free Wi-Fi service. This is a famous counter-service chain in the town which serves burritos made from the globally inspired recipes and ingredients. All the tourists can easily connect with the whole world using the strong internet connection provided there. Everyone can access this network without using any password.

5. Umpleby’s Bakery Cafe

Umpleby’s Bakery Café is a family-owned bakery and café functioning on the South Street, Hanover. All types of American breakfast, lunch, and desserts are available at this bakery. They also offer a reliable Wi-Fi connection to help the guests carry on their work. This facility is absolutely free of cost and can be used without any restrictions. 

6. Tuckerbox

For all those who wish to enjoy Turkish and Mediterranean dishes and specialty coffees, Tuckerbox is the ideal place situated at the White River Junction in Hanover. This is an industrial coffee house which also offers a free Wi-Fi facility for all the guests. No password is needed to get access to this internet facility.