Free Wi-Fi Spots in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is Northeastern Florida’s biggest City. The city is famous and identified by St. John’s River. This is the place where St. John’s River flows into the vast Atlantic Ocean. The place is regularly visited by tourists from different parts of US and globe. The place is also famous for different public spots like business centers, cultural gatherings and museums. Apart from this you may also enjoy your time at the beach side (Neptune beach, Ponte Vendra Beach, and barrier islands. There are different types of activities that can keep you busy throughout the day including golf course, surfing, swimming etc. Jacksonville also offers local people and tourists with numerous Free WiFi Zones and hot spots.

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1. Jacksonville Public library

In recent times, Public library at Jacksonville has also announced to offer visitors with free internet connectivity via WiFi. The library is located at 502 S –Jackson street. WiFi connectivity can be used by visitors at the library for getting connected to the free internet service and collecting other information via the library server. To get connected to the free network you may have to look to JPL network at 802.11b, 802.11a. The network can also be accessed from any part inside the library on WiFi.

2. American Cafe

This café is located at 2 Independent Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32202, USA. The place is a famous restaurant and café where people can enjoy the local coffee blend with snacks and other dishes. While enjoying the natural coffee taste you can also access WiFi for free that is offered by the restaurant owners as complementary service for its visitors. So the moment you step inside the café you can request for WiFi network and Password.

3. Florida Theatre

If you like to enjoy the theatre art and culture then Florida Theatre for Performing Arts is the right place for you. It is located at 128 E, Forsyth Street Jacksonville – Florida. The theatre authorities also provide with facility OF Free WiFi inside the theatre premises. You may not need a password to log in for getting connected to the internet and surf.

4. Chai House

Chai House is a famous coffee or tea spots within Jacksonville. It is located at Hendricks Ave – 1034 Jacksonville. The place is famous for its unique coffee and tea blend. This is also one of the most preferred WiFi hotspots. So, if you are looking around to stay connected on Free WiFi then you can sit here and enjoy your coffee and cookies. The café shop is a busy place as they serve best quality coffee in Jacksonville. One main benefit of sitting here is that you can easily get connected to the network without password. There is no time restriction as the WiFi will be available till you are enjoying your coffee.

5. JTA

When at Jacksonville you are just not restricted to use free WiFi at libraries, hotels, restaurants or coffee shop, but you can also access free WiFi when travelling within the City. The Jacksonville Transport Authority has recently announced that visitors and travelers will be able to use WiFi connectivity for free on any local green line of JTA bus. The authorities have provided with free WiFi connectivity on board all its fleet operating within Jacksonville FL.

6. Jacksonville International Airport

JIA (Jacksonville International Airport) is a busy terminal with thousands of visitors travelling in and out of the City on daily basis. Since visitors and travelers have to spend a lot of time at the airport waiting for flights, so, the authorities have offered with facility to access WiFi for free. You just have to get connected to the JIA network and you will be able to access internet for free. You don’t have to request for any password.