Free Wi-Fi Spots in Las Vegas

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The city of dreams Las Vegas is a place where everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime. The vibrant nightlife and 24-hour casino service of the city makes the place quite desirable for everyone. Not just a city with hopes and dreams, it also offers some other services like free Wi-Fi to its visitors and that is probably one of the reasons why people are in love with the place. Here are a few places in Las Vegas that offer free Wi-Fi to the travelers

1. The Clark County Library

The Clark County Library in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the favorite places to visit for the book lovers. There are over hundreds of books from around the world covering various languages from across the globe in the library. The best part, is the free Wi-Fi that the library offer. All you need to do is open your Wi-Fi network and get connected with the free Wi-Fi. Address – 21 West Imperial Avenue Las Vegas 89102.

2. Meadows Mall

So, you are in Las Vegas and you are not shopping? Not possible! The Meadows Mall in the city is one of the favorite shopping destinations for both the locals and travelers. The shopping mall is a massive one that is spread across 84 acres of land. You can also get free Wi-Fi connectivity in the mall as soon as you enter the mall premises. Just open your Wi-Fi connection and you will get connected with the network as it is not password protected. The address – 4300 Meadows Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89107, USA.

3. Sunrise Library

Library for the kids, the Sunrise Library is another exciting place for you to visit in Las Vegas. Take a break from all those shiny shows and nightlife and revisit your childhood. It feels good; doesn’t it? Well, if it makes you feel any better, the library offers free Wi-Fi connection. So you can simply sneak into the library, visit the world of the beautiful children and then browse into internet. Address – 5400 E Harris Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89110, USA.

4. Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

The Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas is a beautiful hotel and resort with all kinds of luxury benefits. If you are planning for a trip to the city, staying in the resort will surely make your entire stay memorable. The food, service and ambience as well the accommodation in the place is just incredible. The free Wi-Fi service in the resort has strong connection and you can get access to it easily. Once you check in, the Wi-Fi details will be handed over to you in person. The address – 3960 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA.

5. West Las Vegas Library

Yes! Although it might sound interesting an unconvincing, Las Vegas indeed has quite a few numbers of libraries. The West Las Vegas Library is another place where you can enhance your knowledge through books and with the help of internet. Why? Because there are free Wi-Fi available in the library that you can get access to. Just switch on your Wi-Fi connection and there it is! Address – 951 W Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89106, USA.