Free Wi-Fi Spots in Lisbon

Lisbon being the capital and the largest city of Portugal is the 11th most populous urban area in the European Union. It is the only city along the Atlantic cost and the continental Europe’s westernmost capital city. Globalization and world cities recognized Lisbon as an alpha-level global city because of its importance in finance, tourism. Being the 9th most visited city in Southern Europe, Lisbon attracts a sizable tourist population every year. For tourists to get connected with the world during their vacation, there are many free wifi spots available all across Lisbon. This article introduces you to the most famous free Wifi spots in Lisbon.

1. Edward VII Park

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It is a public park in Lisbon, occupying 26 hectares  of area. The park houses Carlos Lopes Pavillion, a former Portuguese pavilion of 1922 Rio De Janeiro International Exposition and Estufa Fria which is a 1.5 hectare greenhouse garden. It offers free Wi-Fi to all its travelers. No password required, just click on the Wi-Fi hotspot and get connected.

2. Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café Lisbon is located downtown at Av.da Liberdade just off “Parca dos Restauradores” offers its visitors an ultimate discovery of modern times by introducing them to a priceless music memorabilla and an electrifying experience. With free Wi-Fi, by selecting “Hard Rock Café” network, what more can a visitor asks for while quenching his thirst.

3. Lisbon Airport

Lisbon airport also known as Lisbon Portela Airport, is the international gateway to Portugal. It is located 7 km north of the capital Lisbon. Lisbon airport offers free and unlimited Wi-Fi, so that the visitor is always connected to the world on their travel. All you have to do is turn on the Wi-FI and select “VINCI Airports WiFI” network and enter your email id and country of orgin to access the free Wi-Fi.

4. Lisbon’s Underground

The beauty of Lisbon is that all the metro stations offer free Wi-Fi. It is called as ON-FI. And the user is not required to register. All one has to do is just click “conectar” and get connected to free Wi-Fi.

5. Public Libraries

Noted public libraries in Lisbon offer free Wi-Fi services. There are 7 such public libraries, where user can connect to the library wi-fi using hotspot. BLX, Redebx, Servicos, Catalogos, Colecoes, Pontes De Leitura, Vidas E Memorias De Bairro are the 7 libraries where free Wi-Fi is available.

6. Starbucks

With a motto to let visitors enjoy their coffee and stay connected online, Starbucks offers free Wi-Fi service to its clientele. Whether its sending emails or office related work, or online browsing- Starbucks make it easy to connect to the internet.  It is located at 125,R 1 degree de dezembro, lisboa. All one has to do is connect to “Tata Docomo Wi-Fi” and fill in the required details like name, email id, mobile number to receive a Serial number and Pin on the submitted mobile number. Enter the same details that appear on the next screen and get connected to the world of internet in a second, that too free of cost.

7. Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

It is an art museum in Lisbon.It is located at R.das Janelas Verdes, 1249-017 Lisboa. The museum occupies Palacio de Alvor-Pombal, which is a former palace of the Court of Alvor. It was established in the year 1884. The museum is also known as MNAA( National Museum of Ancient Art). The museum offers free Wi-Fi to its visitors. The visitor should select “art museum” network and access the wifi without password.

8. Amoreiras 360o panoramic view

Amoreiras 360 degree panoramic view is a magical location in the city of Lisbon. Located in an emblematic building on the highest spot of the city, it offers visitors a 360 degree view of Lisbon. It is located at Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco Amoreiras Shopping center, 1070-103 Lisboa, Portugal. It offers free Wi-Fi in its premises to its visitors. The visitor can access the free Wi-Fi by choosing “Amoreiras Shopping Center” network from the network list. Password is not required.

9. Jeronimos Monastery

Jeronimos Monastery is a former monastery near Tagus river in the parish of Belem. It was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. Its origin dates back to 1495. It is thrown open to public on all days of the week except Monday. The visitors can enjoy free Wi-Fi in the monastery premises by selecting the “Jeronimos monastery” network. Password is not required.

10. Palace of the Marquices of Fronteria

It is palace located in Lisbon. Built in 1671 as a hunting pavilion to Dom Joao de Mascarenhas. This palace is a private residence of the Marquesses of Fronteria. It offers free Wi-Fi to all its visitors. It is located in Largo Sao Domingos de Benfica 1 1500-554 Lisboa. By selecting the network as: “Palace Fronteria”, Visitors can get access to the free wi-fi without the need for a password.