Free Wi-Fi Spots in Los Angeles

  • UPDATED Aug 01, 2018

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Located in the Southern California, Los Angeles is one of the sprawling cities in United States. It is second most populous cities in the country and is well known cultural, financial, trade, agriculture and commercial centre in Southern part of California. From beautiful shorelines to classical museum, LA has it all. Let’s get to know some of the famous free Wi-Fi spots in Los Angeles which travellers can use so as to get connected with the world during their vacation.

1. Cabrillo Beach

Located at 3720 Stephen M White Dr, Los Angeles, Cabrillo Beach is one of the historic and mesmerizing beaches in city. It participates in the “Oh, Ranger” public Wi-Fi program and offers free Wi-Fi to each and every travellers. No password is required to access the same. Just click on the Wi-Fi hotspot name and get connected with the world within little or no time.  

2. Griffith Observatory

Yet another classical attraction in LA where travellers can enjoy free Wi-Fi is Griffith Observatory. This is mainly located at 2800 E Observatory Road, Los Angeles. The network name is “Oh, Ranger” and there is no need of password to access the same. One can easily get connected with the network with just one click. It ranges from observatory down east observatory road to the parking lot. 

3. Dodger Stadium 

Dodget stadium is one of the famous baseball parks in LA and is a home field of the city’s major league baseball franchise i.e. Dodgers. It is located at 1000 Vin Scully Ave, Los Angeles. Here, visitors can easily get connected with the free Wi-Fi services by choosing “VerizoneWiFi” from the network list. No password is required to enjoy these services.  

4. Echo Park Lake

Located at 751 Echo Park Eve, Los Angeles, Echo Park Lake is one of the famous tourist destinations to explore in the city. Travellers can upload their photos and get connected with the world by using its free Wi-Fi facility, offered under the network name of “Oh, Ranger”. No password is needed to enjoy this network.  

5. Reseda Park

Reseda Park is yet another famous beautiful destination to enjoy tranquillity, natural beauty and a free Wi-Fi hotspot. It is located at 18429, Victory Blvd, Reseda, Los Angeles and allows the travellers to use complimentary Wi-Fi services under the network name “Oh, Ranger”. One can easily access the same by choosing this network from the available list. This Wi-Fi service can be used without any password. 

6. Los Angeles International Airport 

Popularly known as LAX, Los Angeles International airport is third busiest airport in United States and sixth busiest airport in the world. Travellers can easily enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi here. For password and other information, one can contact the Wi-Fi helpline desk at 877.AWG.Wi-Fi. This airport is mainly located at 1 World Way, Los Angeles. 

7. Venice Beach

Venice Beach is situated at 1800 Ocean Front Walk, Los Angeles. It is one of the famous and frequently visited beaches in LA and thus offers free Wi-Fi hotspot to the visitors. This place is a member of “Oh, Ranger” public Wi-Fi program and thus provides complimentary Wi-Fi services so that travellers can get updated with the world while visiting this place. No special password is needed to access this network. Just click the Wi-Fi name “Oh, Ranger” and get connected with ease. 

8. LA Convention Center

Pinpointed at 1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, LA Convention Centre is a notable and preeminent convention and exhibition centres in the city. This place is famous for its beautiful architecture and state of art facilities. Travellers here can enjoy free Wi-Fi services in two of its high traffic areas namely West Hall Galaxy Cafe and South Lobby Compass Cafe. One can enquire their username and password from the helpdesk and can easily get connected with the world within little or no time. 

9. Getty Center

Getty Centre is basically a campus of the famous Getty Museum. This well known tourist spot is located at 1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles and its enthralling beauty attracts huge number of tourists every year. In order to facilitate the travellers, this place offers free Wi-Fi services under the network name “Gettylink”. Travellers can easily connect with this network by choosing the same among the available network list. The information about it password can be fetched from the helpdesk inside this place.

10. Los Angeles Public Library

LA Public library is one of the largest publically funded libraries in the entire world. It boasts of more than 6 million volumes. This library is a mainly located at 630W 5th St, Los Angeles. Here, travellers can read any of their favourite books and can enjoy free Wi-Fi services as well. This library offers complimentary Wi-Fi in all its 72 branches. Visitors can get the information of its network name and password from the helpdesk located inside this library.