Free Wi-Fi Spots in Lyon

Lyon is one of the largest cities in France. It is located at the southern centre of France. The place is widely known for its cuisine, silks and historical monuments. A few locations in the city are regarded as World heritage sites. Lyon is  a hub for banking, chemical and biotechnology. Lyon hosts splendid light festivals. The city has a strong resemblance to Paris. Let’s explore the various spots around the city where you can access free internet and help you to stay connected.

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1. Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport

This international airport is located at Colombier-Saugnieu a few kilometres southeast to the  Lyon's city centre. The airport provides wifi at all terminals. There are not much registration steps, you can just connect to the airport wifi by using your email id and start browsing.

2. Lyon Part-Dieu Station

Lyon Part-Dieu Station is one of the busiest  railway stations in Lyon, it is one of the main railway hubs connected to several international rail networks. The station provides free wifi services. From the available networks connect to the network named “ Connection”. You can access free wifi for first 20 minutes but after that limit,you have to login to the home page with your email id. After clicking “ agree to terms and conditions you can start browsing and stay connected to your world.

3. La Place Bellecour 

La place Bellecour is situated at the center of Lyon. It is one of the largest squares in France. It is also a world heritage site. A lot of streets start from this particular square. You get free public wifi in this square. There are no particular registration steps or any passwords. You can just connect to the network and browse the internet while you enjoy the views.

4. Museum of fine arts, Lyon

Museum of fine arts is among the largest museums in France. It is located at  20 Place des Terreaux, 69001 Lyon. It has fantastic collection which are enhanced regularly. It houses several paintings and sculptures from various civilizations like Ancient Egypt, Europe, Greece. They conduct exhibitions and cultural activities. It also includes various varieties of religious arts and cultural artifacts. This museum offers free wifi.  Connect to the museum wifi and stay connected to the world. 

5. La Part-Dieu Shopping Center

La part Dieu shopping center is located at 17, rue du Docteur Bouchut. It comprises of hundreds of stores, restaurants, movie theatres. The place is connected through all public means like bus, trains, subway. It is one of the biggest shopping malls in Europe. You can find classic collections here. The mall provides free wifi. From the available networks, connect to the mall wifi and stay connected while you shop.

6. Des Hauteurs Park

It is a very quiet, serene park located at Esplanade de Fourviere, 69005, Lyon. It is a beautiful tourist site that you should visit. The park  offers free wifi. From the available networks, connect to “ The connection”. They don't have any complex registration steps. While you relax you can access the internet.

7. Parc de la Tête d'Or

Parc de la Tête d'Or is one of the largest parks in France, it covers hundreds of hectares. It is the best spot for cycling, walking, jogging etc. A beautiful lake further enhances the serenity of the spot. It is widely visited in the summers. It also comprises a zoo with deer, Giraffes, and other animals. Horse riding, Golfing facilities make the park a superb location. You get access to free public wifi. From the network connection, choose wifi “connection” and stay connected to the world.