Free Wi-Fi Spots in Macau

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Macau is a small Chinese territory on the south coast of China. It is a city of blended cultures of Chinese and Portuguese. One of the prominent landmarks is the Macau Tower. The tiny city has a history of the Portuguese empire. The Government of Macau has provided free public Wi-Fi throughout the city under the local name “WIFIGO.” Let’s see what these spots are where you can access the internet.

1. Macau International Airport

The Macau International Airport is 1277km away from Shanghai. The airport provides free Wi-Fi to the passengers. To get access to the internet connection, you just need to fill a registration form with all your details and then submit them online. You can use the airport Wi-Fi for 240 minutes.

2. Macau Museum of Art

The museum is a tourist destination place, located in Mount Fortress, Macau. The museum exhibits Western historical paintings of Asia and contemporary Macanese art. Free Wi-Fi internet service is available in the premises of the museum. For more details like network name or password, one can take assistance from the museum front desk.

3. Macau Science Center

Macau Science Center is a space center which is located at Macau, Avenida, Dr. Sun Yat Sen. They host several educational tours for the kids, and they provide free Wi-Fi internet connection under “WIFIGO” network. Also, no password is required.

4. Areia Preta Seaside Park

The park is located near the downtown Macau. It is a beautiful park with having free “WIFIGO” Wi-Fi service. You can take a stroll and enjoy surfing internet.

5. Macau Government Tourist office

The Macau Government Tourist Office is proud to promote Macau as a leading tourist destination and free public Wi-Fi services allowing the visitors to stay connected through the internet. You can connect under the brand name network “FreeWiFi.MO”, select terms and click submit. You are auto-connected to the Wi-Fi internet.