Free Wi-Fi Spots in Madrid

Madrid is the central city and Capital of Spain. It has elegant Boulevards and perfectly manicured parks. Madrid is also known for the collection of European art and that includes Works By Velazquez, Goya and other Spanish artists. You can capture the beauty of Madrid and share it with the world using its free Wi-Fi networks. Here are some places where you can find free WI-FI connection in Madrid.

1. Intercambiador de Príncipe Pío

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Principe Pio is the train station of Madrid. It is one of the straightforward and quick ways to get to the Madrid airport. You can also enjoy its look which is nice and modern. While you are waiting for your train at this beautiful train station of Madrid, you can use the free wi-fi service that it offers. The network has the same name as the station. Just look for the Wi-Fi network name principe pio and click to connect.

2. CC Príncipe Pío

It is a wonderful shopping mall in Madrid which is well connected to the metro lines 6 and 10. Situated in the centre of Madrid, it offers many shops, restaurants and amazing cinema experience. Here you can also find the Wi-Fi that was named CC Principe Pio. It is free and open and you don’t need any password to connect to the network.

3. Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is a historical landmark in Madrid. It was built in 1518 during the rule of Philip the third. It is the central Plaza in the city of Madrid. You can also access it's free open Wi-Fi with the network name Plaza Mayor. You don't need a password for connecting to the network.

4. CentroCentro Palacio de Cibeles

This amazing theatre is located in the Cibeles Palace. After it's stunning renovation it has become a wonder of the city of Madrid. Stunning interior has approximately 300 seats. While you are enjoying anything here you can access its free Wi-Fi with the same name as the Cultural Centre and share it with your friends and family online. You can connect the network without password.

5. Plaza de Cibeles

Plaza De cibeles is a square in the city of Madrid that houses a neo-classical complex with fountains and marble sculptures. It offers a lot of options where you can take pictures. Also you can blow them so the free Wi-Fi in the area over the network name Plaza De Cibeles. Since it is an open network you don't need a password to connect to it.

6. Centro Comercial Islazul

The shopping mall is situated at Calle Calderilla Madrid. This dress taking Mall has almost everything under one roof. You can not just shop here but also enjoy watching movies. You can also use the free Wi-Fi network with the name cc islazul and connect to it without a password.

7. CC La Gavia

This shopping mall is situated at Calle Adolfo Bioy Casares 2, in Madrid. Shopping mall is a little far away from the market city centre but is easily accessible by public transport. You can shop for all brands here including IKEA. You can also enjoy free wifi on your phone from the restaurants in the mall. If you have to get some work done or upload pictures on internet, you can do it here with the free Wi-Fi of the mall. Look for the network name la gavia and connect to it without using a password.

8. CaixaForum Madrid

This is a Museum in Madrid which is situated at Paseo del Prado 36. This place is known for hosting exhibitions and that too wonderful ones. This place is very beautiful with stunning architecture. You can also share your experience of this place online through the free Wi-Fi network that it offers. Search for caixaforum network name and connect to it with just a link, without password.

9. La Casa Encendida

La Casa Encendida is a Cultural Centre situated at Ronda De Valencia 2. It is a modern multifunctional Centre that houses contemporary art exhibitions fair trade shops and workshops. You can learn new things with their workshops or enjoy the events they hold. The Cultural Centre also offers free Wi-Fi with the network named La Casa encendida. Since the network is free and open you won't need a password to connect to it.

10. La Cibeles

Fountain Cibeles at plaza Cibeles in Madrid. It is a nice spot to have some drinks and spend a good time. If you want to get some work done here you can use its free Wi-Fi network. The network name is la cibeles and it doesn't need a password to connect.