Free Wi-Fi Spots in Milwaukee

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Milwaukee, the city in the US state of Wisconsin is situated on lake Michigan’s western shore. The city is known for its breweries and you can have the tour of many of these breweries understanding their role in the beer industry. It is the largest city in Wisconsin and fifth largest in mid question United States. So you can also see Harley Davidson Museum that displays classic motorcycles including the one by Elvis Presley. While you are visiting this amazing City you would want to take pictures and upload them on the social media platforms for others to see. Milwaukee offers free Wi-Fi as well and listed below are few places where you can find them.

1. Mayfair Mall

Mayfair mall is the shopping mall at 2500 North Mayfair road Wauwatosa. Mayfair Mall is clean and big with the theatre and shops where you can buy anything you want. The mall also offers free Wifi services with the network name Mayfair Mall. For connecting to the network you don't need any password.

2. Pere Marquette Park

Situated at 900 North Plankinton Avenue, the park is a very beautiful and peaceful oasis in the city. The park also organisers many events during summer which are lively and enjoyable. One can access free Wifi in the park by the name MILWIFl. The Wifi is open and doesn't require password for login to the network.

3. Milwaukee Public Market

The public market at water Street is a fresh food market in Milwaukee with few very good places to eat. You can not only buy raw materials for food here but also grab some delicious bites. Also this public market has a free wi-fi service that can be connected to without using a password. You can use the internet to upload the picture of the awesome food.

4. General Mitchell International Airport (MKE)

The airport of Milwaukee is situated at Howell Avenue. This place also offers restaurant and free Wi-Fi. While you're waiting at the airport for your flight you can login to the free Wi-Fi network and pass your time. The network name is same as the name of airport and it doesn't need a password to connect.

5. McKinley Marina

Situated at Lincoln Memorial Dr., McKinley Marina is a wonderful place to take a walk and go fishing. It is a place full of peace and beauty. And if you want to get some of your work done here you can use free Wi-Fi of Marina. The name of the network is Mckinley Marina and it doesn't need a password for login into the network. You can also use the Wi-Fi and to upload beautiful pictures of marina on a social networking site.

6. Whole Foods Market

It is a grocery store at prospect Avenue. Here you can buy organic and natural grocery items along with housewares and other different products. In this grocery store you can also take advantage of its free Wi-Fi services. The only thing have to do is click on the available Network and you can connect without a password.

7. Lake Express High Speed Ferry

This ferry terminal in Milwaukee is situated at Lincoln Memorial Dr. The process of taking the ferry, right from buying it's ticket to getting to the trip, is very convenient. Also, they offer food and show movies as well while you are onboard. Not just that, here you can access free Wi-Fi services that can be used without a password. You can record your entire trip and upload it to your social networking sites without any hassle.

8. Pettit National Ice Center

Situated in 84th Street in Milwaukee, Pettit National Ice Centre is a rink. Anyone can ice skate here. However it is also the 20 Central for the US Olympic skating team. You can take the pictures of your kids having fun doing ice skating here and upload it using its free Wi-Fi network. Open network with the name of the ice centre and connect without using a password.

9. Lakefront Brewery

Bravery is situated in commerce Street and serves some of the best beers. You can take a tour here, click some pictures and upload them using the free Wi-Fi it offers. Just connect with free Wi-Fi with a click. You don't need a password.

10. Hudson Business Lounge

Situated at Broadway, Hudson business lounge offers decent coffee, has a wine bar and a lot of work space. You can use its Wi-Fi to conduct your work in peace while you enjoy some coffee or a little drink.

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