Free Wi-Fi Spots in Minsk

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Capital of Belarus, Minsk is one of the modern and progressive cities dominated by monumental Stalinist architecture. From plenty of fascinating art galleries and museums to variety of fashionable restaurants, cafes and nightclubs, this place has it all. Minsk is one of wonderful places to explore as it is stuffed with wide range of tourist attractions. Apart from top insights, this place is also famed for its lip smacking food which can satiate the craving of your taste buds. As this city is frequently visited by travellers thus this offers free internet connection to their visitors. Let’s get to know some free Wi-Fi Spots in Minsk where visitors can enjoy high speed internet connection.

1. Dreamland

Located at Vulica Arloŭskaja 80, Minsk, Belarus, Dreamland is an island-themed water park in the city. This place is ideal for both kids and adults. Along with pools and slides, this amusement park offers free Wi-Fi connection to their guests under the network name “Dreamland”. Select this network and get started. No password is needed to establish a secure connection.

2. Grand Cafe

This restaurant at Ulitsa Lenina 2, Minsk, Belarus, is one of the finest dining places in the city which serves delicious cuisines and offer complimentary Wi-Fi services. Network details can be obtained from the waiter who is serving your order and get connected to the same within little or no time.

3. The Loft

Pinpointed at Ulitsa Petrusya Brovki 22, Minsk, Belarus, The Loft is a little cozy cafe and nightclub. This is a perfect place to spend lovely evenings while sipping coffee and surfing internet. It boasts of complimentary Wi-Fi services to facilitate the guests. Password details can be obtained from the staff members. Connection is strong and is available throughout the cafe.

4. Minsk Airport

Yet another place to enjoy free internet connection is Minsk Airport. Located in Minsk, Belarus, this airport primarily serves the city. This place is fully equipped with wireless internet services under the network name “AirportMinsk”. This network is available throughout the airport. Find this network from the available network list and click to connect the same. Apart from this, another free network is also available under the network name “MSQcatering”. It covers area of business and VIP lounges.

5. Paul

Situated at vulica Piatra Mscislaŭca 11, Minsk, Belarus, Paul is one of the best known pastry shops located in the city. Along with offering tempting pastries, this place also provides free internet connection to their guests so that they can stay updated with the world even during their vacation. Select the network name Bakery Paul and click to connect.