Free Wi-Fi Spots in Montreal

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Named after Mt Royal, Montreal is the largest city in Quebec province in Canada. This place is famed for its royal lifestyle, charming beauty and classic attractions. Montreal is a cultural, political and economical capital of the Canadian province Quebec. It is a cosmopolitan hub and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. It is amazing to know that this city has become the second largest French speaking city in the world. This city is equipped with wide range of Wi-Fi spots which is a boon for a traveler. Below are mentioned some of the famous free Wi-Fi spots in Montreal where visitors can enjoy complimentary internet connection. 

1. Palais Des Congres de Montreal 

Located at 1001 Jean Paul Riopelle, Montreal, Palais Des Congres de Montreal is a well known convention center featuring versatile and ultra modern facilities for organizing galas, meetings, exhibitions etc. Thanks to MtlWifi free services, this place provides complimentary internet access to its visitors. No special password is required for the connection and guests can enjoy this network throughout the convention center.

2. Notre Dame Basilica

This basilica is known to be the first Gothic revival church in Canada and is well known for its spectacular interiors and beautiful architecture. This church is basically located at 110 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal. This place is also a member of MtlWifi services and thus offers high speed free Wi-Fi services to the travelers. Find out their network and click to connect. As this is a free public Wi-Fi hence, no special password is needed to access the same.

3. Place Des Arts

Situated at 175 Saint – Catherine St, Montreal, Place Des Arts is a premier art performing center in the city and the largest artistic complex in the country. This place provides free wireless internet connection to all its visitors so as to connect them with the world. Wi-Fi services here are available under the network name PDA and travelers can easily connect to the same by choosing this network among the available network list. No password is required to establish the connection and this service is available throughout the center. 

4. Plaza St-Hubert

Pinpointed at 6841, St Hubert St, Montreal, this shopping mall is a one stop destination for shopaholics. Along with the brand clothing, incredible jewelry, electronic good etc, this place offers complimentary Wi-Fi services to their guests as well. Find the wireless network name #MaPlaza and click to connect the same. This high speed network needs no special password to make the connection.

5. Place Emilie-Gamelin

This is the famous city square in Montreal and is exactly located at 1500 Berri St, Montreal. This premier tourist destination is well known for its fascinating beauty and its free Wi-Fi services. Here, travelers can enjoy lush green beauty and can easily get connected with the world with the help of their Wi-Fi. No password is needed to access the network and visitors can easily connect to the same when they are in range. 

6. Complexe Desjardins

Yet another place to enjoy complimentary internet connection in Montreal is Complexe Desjardins. This shopping mall is located at 150 Saint- Catherine St W, Montreal. Here, travelers can enjoy wireless network and that too free of cost. In order to get the access, visitors need to connect to “Wi-Fi Complexe Desjardins” Network and the follow the instructions. No password is required to establish the connection. Select their network and get connected with the world within little or no time.

7. Alexis Nihon Complex

If travelers wish to enjoy both shopping and free wireless internet connection then Alexis Nihon Complex might be the good option to choose. It is basically situated at 1500 Atwater Ave, Montreal. This place is furnished with free Wi-Fi service so that visitors can easily browse the internet without any additional charges. Guest’s wireless devices will automatically connect to this network and thus no special password is required for accessing the same.

8. Café Humble Lion

This exact location of this Café is 904 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal. This is the place where one can savor variety of coffee, tea and pastries along with enjoying free Wi-Fi services. Find out the network name HUMBLE LION and click to connect the same. This wireless network requires no special password.

9. Café Perko 

This café is a frequently visited study space for students and is primarily located at 753 Rue Villeray, Montreal. Here, visitors can read their favorite books, savor delicious coffee and enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi services. One can get the Wi-Fi information from the staff members and can get easily connected to the same. 

10. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts 

This art museum is listed among the most prominent tourist destinations in Montreal to explore. This is positioned at 1380 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montreal and offers free Wi-Fi connection to the visitors. Travelers with smart phones can easily establish a secure connection with their Wi-Fi network. Details regarding the network can be fetched from the helpdesk located inside the museum.