Free Wi-Fi Spots in Munich

Placed on the banks River Isar, Munich is the capital city of German state of Bavaria. This place is a home to centuries old museums and buildings whose enthralling beauty lure the visitors and keep them astounded. Munich is a major financial, cultural, educational, art and business center in Germany. This is one of the premier vacation destinations in Europe and is well known for its quality lifestyle, beautiful buildings and fine culture. This is the fastest growing cities in the country and thus takes care of all the needs and requirements of its visitors. Let’s find out some free Wi-Fi spots in Munich where you can enjoy Wi-Fi services for free.

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1. Marienplatz

Located at Marienplatz 1, 80331, Munchen, Marienplatz is a central square in the city. This place offers free Wi-Fi services to their visitors so that they can stay updated and connected even during their holidays. This entire area is connected with M-WLAN internet connection. Find this network among the available list and click to establish the secure connection. This is a free public wireless network and thus requires no special password. 

2. BMW Welt

This is a multi use exhibition center located at Am Olympia Park 1, 80809, Munchen. This place is generally used for organizing meetings and promotional events and thus the entire place is equipped with open Wi-Fi network. Just connect to this open network and browse the internet or free. As this is an open network and therefore, no password is needed to access the same.

3. BMW Museum

Another venue to access free Wi-Fi network in Munich is BMW Museum. This automobile museum is situated at Am Olympia Park 2, 80809, Munchen. This place is furnished with Wi-Fi facility and offers this facility to their guests for free. No password is needed to access the same; however, one needs the network which he can easily obtain from the helpdesk located inside the museum. Network connection is available throughout the museum.

4. Biegarten am Chinesischen Turm

Placed at Englischer Garten 3, 80538, Munchen, Biegarten am Chinesischen Turm is a historical landmark in the city. This place is connected with an open wireless network so that the travelers can easily enjoy high speed internet and that too on a complimentary basis. Guests will automatically connect to this network as soon as they are in range. No password required to establish a secure connection.

5. Standl 20

This is a famous shop located at Elisabethmarkt, Elisabethpl. Stand Nr. 20, 80796, Munchen. It serves delicious coffee and offers free internet services to their guests. One can easily connect to their network by just asking the network details from any of their staff members. Their Wi-Fi connection is available throughout the café and one can use the same for as long as he wants.

6. Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena is the famous football stadium with the capacity of accommodating 75000 people at a time. This place is mainly located at Werner – Heisenberg – Allee 25, 80939, Munchen. This place boasts of free WI-FI connection which guests can easily use so as to stay connected with the world. Visitor’s device will automatically connect to this network. As this is a free and open network thus it requires no password to access the same. 

7. Caffe Conte

Pinpointed at AinmillerstraBe 10, 80801, Munchen, Caffe Conte is a well known café shop in the city. Here, travelers can savor variety of coffee drinks along with enjoying complimentary Wi-Fi facility. This wireless internet connection is available throughout the café and one can easily connect to the same by just fetching its network details from the staff member. 

8. Munich Airport

Yet another place to enjoy free Wi-Fi services in Munich is none other than Munich Airport. This place is primarily situated at Nordallee 25, 85356, Munchen. This place is equipped with free Wi-Fi services. Travelers need to select “Telekom” Wi-Fi network in their browser setting. Register with their name and email address and use this network as long as they can. After registering, travelers will get an email. Check the link and enter the requisite data so as to make the permanent Wi-Fi account at Munich Airport. 

9. Deutsches Museum

Located at Museumsinsel 1, 80538, Munchen, Deutsches Museum is a famous tourist attraction to visit in Munich. This technology museum entertains huge number of visitors every year and to facilitate them, it offers free Wi-Fi services to them. Travelers can obtain network details from the helpdesk located inside the museum. 

10. Bar Gabanyi

Bar Gabanyi is yet another place to enjoy variety of cocktails and complimentary Wi-Fi services. The exact location of this bar is Beethovenpl. 2, 80336, Munchen. Guests can easily enjoy Wi-Fi services here and ask its network details from the one who is serving the drinks. The connection is available throughout the bar and no password is needed to access the same.