Free Wi-Fi Spots in Paris

Paris is the capital and the most populous city of France. This is one of the leading and fastest growing cities in the world and is a major center of fashion, finance, commerce, science and arts. The alluring beauty of this city grabs the attention of huge number of travelers every year. It is one of the most fascinating vacation destinations and is especially known for its classic museums and architectural landmarks. As this is one of the frequently cities in the world, therefore, it is equipped with state of art facilities. Below are mentioned some of the finest Wi-Fi spots in Paris where visitors can enjoy internet connection for free.

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1. Cafe des Anges

Located at 66 Rue de la Roquette, 75011 Paris, France, Café des Anges is a lovely and a cozy café which offers modern bistro cuisines and variety of coffee options. Along with the delicious food, travelers here can also enjoy free Wi-Fi services under the network name “café des anges”. This is an open network and thus no password is needed for connection. Find this network name on the smart device and click to connect.

2. Louvre

Louvre is a world’s largest art museum and one of the spectacular buildings in Paris to explore. This is mainly situated at Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France. This museum offers Wi-Fi access to their visitors so that they connect to the world while visiting this beautiful place. It should be remembered that the museum is not fully covered with Wi-Fi.  Network details can be obtained from the helpdesk located inside the museum. This is a free public network and thus no login details are required to access the same.

3. Cafe Lateral 

Situated at 4 Avenue Mac-Mohan, 75017 Paris, France, Café lateral is one of the famous joints to spend some lovely time and to savor some delicious delicacies. This place also offers complimentary Wi-Fi to their guests so that they can surf internet while sipping their favorite drink. Travelers need to find network name “café lateral” and enter password to connect the same. Password details can be easily fetched from the one who is serving you. 

4. La Dernier Bar Avant La Fin du Monde

This is one of the popular bars in the city which serves variety of cocktails to their guests. This place is located at 19 Avenue Victoria, 75001 Paris, France. This site is fully equipped with free Wi-Fi services so that guests can connect to the same with ease. Network details can be fetched from the waiter or any other staff members. 

5. Centre Geroges Pompidou

Yet another site to enjoy free Wi-Fi services in the city is Centre Georges Pompidou. This is one of the finest architectural buildings in the city to explore. This place is fully connected with wireless internet connection to facilitate the guests. Search the network name “CentrePompidou” and get connected to the same instantly. As this is an open network thus no password is needed to access the same. 

6. Charles de Gaulle Airport

Pinpointed at 95700 Roissy – en – France, France, Charles de Gaulle Airport is the largest international airport in the country and second largest in Europe. In order to entertain the travelers, this place if fully equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi services under the network name CDG Airport Wi-Fi. Select this network from the available network list, accept its terms and conditions and click to establish a secure connection. No login details or password or personal details are required to use this network. 

7. Petit Palais

This art museum at Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008, Paris houses an extensive collection of fine art. This place is generally visited by plenty of tourists and thus to facilitate them, it offers free Wi-Fi services so that they can stay updated with the world during their visit. Network details can be obtained from the helpdesk located inside the museum and internet connection can be accessed throughout the building. 

8. Arenes de Lutece

Placed at 49 Rue Monge, 75005 Paris, France, Arenes de Lutece is one of the most important historical places in the city to visit. This is basically the remains from Gallo-Roman era. Along with the historic remains, travelers can also find strong and free Wi-Fi connection here under the network name “arenes de lutece”. This network is available free of cost and can be easily accessed without any password.

9. Parc de Belleville

This is one of the most beautiful parks in the city where one can enjoy tranquility, lush green environment and free Wi-Fi connection. Just find the network name “Parc de Belleville” and click to connect the same. No password is needed to access the network.

10. La Fine Mousse

This is one of the finest restaurants in the city which is famed for its lip smacking cuisines, friendly services and high speed free internet connection. It is located at 4 bis Avenue Jean Aicard, 75011 Paris, France. Search the network name La Fine Mouse on the smart device and fetch the password details from the one who is serving your order.